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Goodbye, Johnny

Posted in Uncategorized on January 26, 2005 by hocuspoc

The recent passing of Johnny Carson this week brings a great sadness to my heart. Johnny was like a member of the family as my parents used to watch him every night. I was supposed to be in my room asleep, but I could still hear the interviews, monologues, and laughter not only from the TV audience, but from my parents as well…

As soon as I was old enough to stay up that late, I rarely missed a show. In fact, in my youth, it was one of the only ways for me to see any magic acts at all! As I’m sure you all know, Johnny started out as a magician and faithfully practiced the art his entire life. Occasionally, you might catch him perform a quick close-up trick on the Tonight Show, but it was a rare moment.

When you think about all the successful entertainers Johnny was responsible for introducing to America, it’s truly amazing. And the best part of all was that Johnny always let them bask in their glory; he never tried to upstage anyone! That is what made him so special. He was a natural talent, and one from whom any entertainer could learn. Whether it was Karnak the Great, Art Fern, or just an interview with that crazy woman and her animals, there was no shortage of entertainment on the Tonight Show when Johnny was a part of it. No one will ever be able to replace him. What a gift it was for me, and anyone else who watched him work! Johnny may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten…

Back on the home front, as you recall on the last post, I told you about a massive Estate/Private Collection being compiled in the form of a Member email. Mike & I have worked feverishly to all hours of the day and night (along with the help of some friends) to prepare these lists just for you. Look for the first of four to get to you sometime this evening. Those of you with SPAM filters: make sure you receive our list as well as sometimes your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will misinterpret the list as SPAM.

If you are reading this today, Wednesday, January 26th, the first of four lists will be sent this evening to all online Members.

I’ll sign off now; my son Max is starring in his school play, the Wizard of Oz, tonight. Who knew that show business ran so rampant within the family? Watch for my review in the next post…


I’ve Died & Gone to Magic Heaven!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 20, 2005 by hocuspoc

I took a walk down memory lane when I picked up this, my first magic set as a kid! Just think, it all started with this little cardboard box…

That’s right; the picture says it all! This has been one of the most exciting weeks here at Hocus Pocus. Each and every day this week has been like Christmas again, because one of our very good friends in magic has decided to part with a large portion of his personal collection. We’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe: things from the 18th Century, and everything from collectible magic sets to P & L, Thayer, Klingl, Collector’s Workshop, Doug Henning’s Sub Trunk, Himber, antique posters, and so much more. You name it, it’s probably here! If you’ve been browsing the web site, we’ve chosen different pieces and highlighted them there in the New/Hot section, and as quickly as they go up, they come down again! If you are an online member, we’ll be sending out several emails beginning next week listing these precious gems. If you wish to receive this list, but you are not a member, I urge you to sign up as soon as possible so as not to miss out. Remember, signing up as a member is a free service, your membership information is yours and yours alone, and you can opt out whenever you like!

Become a member by entering the online store, click “Member” on the lowermost black toolbar, follow the directions, and you’re in!

All kinds of goodies here, including some antique 18th Century pieces. See if you can spot them.

Just check out some of these vintage magic sets, and believe it or not, each and every one of them is complete with each and every single piece! For each one I open, it’s like stepping back in time.

Boxes and boxes and boxes seem to go on forever. Check out that cool Carl Williams Spirit Dial and Bev Bergeron’s personal Snake Basket!

It’s going to be really hard for me to part with some of these items as I’ve grown rather attached to them. Don’t forget: I buy personal and private collections and estates. You may have magic that you may like to part with. If so, I welcome your phone call. 800-407-4040

Mike & I will be working until the wee hours of the weekend compiling this huge list of collectibles. I hope you all have an excellent weekend, and thanks again for taking time to read the blog. It’s been quite fun putting this together and hearing your comments.

See you next time,


Current Events

Posted in Uncategorized on January 13, 2005 by hocuspoc

Hi again!

It’s Thursday morning, and the rain has finally subsided, but we are left with some cooler weather in its place. Now, for some of you, the thirty degree mark is nothing, but for normally-sunny California, it’s a little nippy!

We had a visit from Michelangelo, of Michelangelo Magic, who flew in all the way from Utah just to spend the day with us here at Hocus Pocus! We had a great time, and we thank him for making such a long trip just to say hello! If your travels bring you anywhere near our humble town of Fresno, make sure to give us a call; we always enjoy visits from friends, new and old.

Employment Opportunity!

Hocus Pocus is currently looking looking for people who are interested in joining our team. If you are interested in relocating, are a self-starter and a motivated individual who can work in a fast-paced and exciting environment, please conact us at toll-free 800-407-4040. We’d love to hear from you!

Jason, Angela, & little Madaleine

Yesterday, Jason’s wife, Angela brought Madaleine and her mom, Karen, to Hocus Pocus. We all thought that Angela’s mother was her sister, she looks so young! Following up on the London Family, as you can see, Mom, Dad, and daughter are all doing extremely well… I’m convinced that newborn babies transform miraculously from week to week; Maddy looks entirely different than she did the first time I saw her. She’s very cute!

Hocus Pocus has experienced incredible growth over the past few years. As a result, change is inevitable and necessary to the growth of any business, and we certainly embrace that notion. If you have suggestions, feedback, or comments, I would certainly love to hear them; your feedback is important to me because, after all, you are the reason we are here!

Until next time.

Me & Robert Baxt

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7, 2005 by hocuspoc

I apologize for not updating the blog recently; I have been dealing with a little bit of sickness that seems to hit me this time of year. That, coupled with the fact that we are having some flash flood warnings and lightening storms in our area probably doesn’t help all that much…

Robert Baxt dropped by the main offices today to pick up props for a new movie that he will be the technical advisor on. Danny Devito stars in the film as a down-on-his-luck magician. Hocus Pocus will be suppyling all the effects. Look for the movie “JumpShot” to be released in theaters at the end of 2005!

We here at Hocus Pocus are also very happy and pleased to have bought the rights to Robert Baxt’s famed F.I.S.M. Award Winning Comedy Act.

Twenty years ago, this act won Robert the first prize in the Gold Medal competition at the annual International Brotherhood of Magiciains National convention; and then the following year, Robert brought home a comedy trophy for his performance of it in the Olympics of Magic, The Federation Internationale Societe du Magic (a.k.a. FISM) competition in Europe.

I’ve long been a fan of this fantastically funny act and with Robert’s cooperation, we will be marketing a DVD teaching this act so that the entire magic fraternity can receive the benefit of this very unique and wonderful routine and the thinking that went behind it all.

Robert willl also be working with us on his Comedy DVD series for Magicians on “How to Be Funny.” Robert amazes me with his gold mine of magical information and how he can constantly come up with comedy for every different situation. Watch for ads in the coming year.