A Day Off!

Well, here we are at the ending of another week. I am actually going to take a day off tomorrow. Mike and Jason have a running bet. Mike thinks I’ll take it, Jason doesn’t. We’ll see whose $50.00 richer. I’m betting on Mike. It will be nice to take a three day weekend and enjoy the upcoming Easter holiday. All my kids will be at the homestead, and I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with them. We’ll all be going to my mother in-law’s for Easter dinner, or should I say Easter Feast???

I was very happy this week to speak once again to Nicholas Einhorn from the U.K. We were able to twist Nick’s arm to produce a limited quantity (10 units) of his best-selling self-levitation, In-Flight! For those of you who have had the opportunity to see it in action, you know how powerful this looks. It’s practical, lightweight, and it can be performed anywhere, and I mean anywhere! Due to Nick’s hectic full-time performing schedule (he’s one of the most sought-after performers in England), it is rare when he has the time and energy to assemble these for us, and I thank him! If you’re interested, check it out on our website, including a demo video of In-Flight in action. We’ve already pre-sold 3 so there are only 7 left!

Last week, I mentioned the construction going on in the back lot, and I’m proud to announce that it is all finished. We now have some desperately-needed extra room, and we’ll be putting it to good use! This extra space will help facilitate a faster, more efficient shipping and receiving area, which means, you’ll be getting your orders faster!

Special thanks to Ron Allesi for securing an exclusive on what could very well be one of the most perfect mentalism effects: DreamCatcher! We’re extremely excited about adding these to our exclusive line of products, and Ron has arranged for us to receive a total of 40 units. No more will ever be made again by the manufacturer. You can pre-order yours now if you wish for April 15th delivery. Read about DreamCatcher and check out the great graphics Mike did on the website!

I’m really happy with the way our little blog seems to be attracting more and more attention each week. I’m also very happy to read the nice letters and stories shared from you. It’s been a great way to get to know some of you a little bit better. So keep those cards, letters, and emails coming, folks!

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, and remember — place your bets on Mike! Ha ha!

Until next time,



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