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Happy New Year!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2005 by hocuspoc

Well, Christmas is over, the tree is gone (it had a very short stay in the den this year), and I promised Max next year that we’ll have the biggest tree we’ve ever had. That gave him something to look forward to. I hope all of you enjoyed your time with your family and got everything you wanted for the holidays. For me, the best gift was having my entire family together, albeit short, it was a great visit and a fun time.

As I sit here and write this, it’s hard to believe the year has already come and gone. I can’t remember a year passing as quickly as this one has in my entire life! Now it’s time to make those resolutions that we all dread. I’ll be keeping mine to myself for the most part, but I will share with you that as I grow older, the more important things in life like family stick out and become more of a reality for me. Hence, I’ll be taking more time off this year to spend with loved ones and friends.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your gifts, well-wishes, cards, and emails during the holiday season. It really means a lot to me to come to work in the morning and see such happy, positive and cheerful messages. I also want to thank all of you for making this year the biggest and most successful in the history of Hocus Pocus! It is your continued support that drives us and keeps us motivated to be the best magic shop we can be. I promise that 2006 will be an even bigger year for us and a more exciting one for you!

May your New Year’s Eve be happy, safe, fun-filled, and joyous!

Until next time,


Happy Holidays!

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Well, we made it! Tomorrow the festivities begin on Christmas Eve. We’ll be going to my mother in-law’s for Christmas Eve lunch and then later we’ll be going to my cousin’s house for our annual Christmas Eve party! After the celebrations, it’s off to bed until Christmas day! We’ll go to my mother in-law’s for breakfast, and everyone will open their gifts there, and then we’ll go to my sister’s house where we’ll all enjoy a nice Christmas dinner. Of course, everyone will be there, and more gifts will be shared and a great time will be had by all… I’m extremely happy that all my kids will be together this year as it is harder to keep them together the older they get.

Meanwhile, the Christmas tree saga has a happy ending. I mentioned that while we are remodeling our house, the tree spent most of its time on the front porch. That is, until last week. Now, it proudly stands in the den. Max, my son, decorated the tree all by himself this year, and I must say that he did an outstanding job! Of course, since the tree went up, Max’s first question was, “Where are the gifts?” Have no fear; the next day they began to magically appear… Today, it is covered and surrounded by gifts, and Max couldn’t be more excited!

It’s been Christmas here at the shop as well as there have been more new products arriving than ever! I’ll give you a little hint: there are some great new products that will be announced in January to kick off the New Year, so stay tuned!

Believe it or not, the shipping department is still buzzing today getting out those last-minute packages and orders. It really has been the busiest Christmas season we’ve experienced here at Hocus Pocus. Again, we have you to thank!

No matter how you celebrate your holidays, remember the most important thing is the time spent with family and loved ones. Don’t let the holiday rush and the little things stand in the way of spending valuable time together.

Thank you to everyone who have sent us your holiday cards and gifts! It really added an extra touch of excitement everyday! I want to leave you with a touching email I received from Randy Schostag:


Thank you for the contributions that you have made to our community during 2005. I believe that Hocus Pocus has raised the bar and set a tough standard for others to follow. Here’s wishing you a very Merry Holiday and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

Randy Schostag

Thank you very much, Randy! Your words mean a lot to myself and everyone here at Hocus Pocus.

On behalf of all the Hocus Pocus family, I wish you the very best holiday this year!

Until next time,


Ho Ho Ho!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go. Well, it’s just around the corner now; less than 1 week away before Christmas, and we certainly feel it here. The phones are a-ringin’ off the hook, the email inbox is full, the answering system’s going haywire, and the shipping department is going nuts! In fact, the shipping department has been staying late in order to make sure all orders go out in a timely fashion just in time for the holidays. Moreover, most of us are in the shop earlier to make sure your orders make it to you on time. This guarantees you the best customer service anywhere!

Last week, we promised you updates and pictures from the first annual Hocus Pocus Christmas Party, but we can only deliver the update. Unfortunately, Mike got snowed in at the Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite during a show Saturday and could not attend the party. And, since he also had the camera with him, there are no pictures to share. But I can tell you that everyone had a great time at the Golden Chinese Restaurant. Good company and great cheer were had by all, I’m happy to report. I guess we’ll just have to do it again next year…

The beautiful Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite – a great place to get snowed in.

Christmas Tree Update:

You may remember that last week, I spoke about finally picking up a Christmas tree for the Gross household. Well, we finally picked one up on Monday, but our painter had other plans. So, on the front porch it sits to this day, but not for long. It will be up tonight, guaranteed! And you know what that means: my son Max will be circling the tree like a shark looking for presents. He’ll be poking, prodding, investigating, and bribing us to tell him what they are. We’ll never give in, though.

Well, gotta go. The phone’s are ringing and the emails are piling up.

Until next time,


Only 2 Weeks Left!

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That’s right — only two weeks are left before Christmas is officially here. Where the heck did this year go? Every Friday, I feel like Monday was just beginning, the year’s whizzing by so quickly! Part of the reason it seems to go so quickly is due to the fact that this season is the busiest we’ve ever encountered. We’ve even scheduled and extra UPS pickup specifically for the month of December, making it a total of three per day in order to get the boatload of packages out the door!

The Post Office says that you should make your final shipments by the 10th this year, which is earlier than it’s ever been. But fear not, for if you need, we have overnight and next day air services available for your shopping needs. Thank you all for your overwhelming support this entire year. More holiday goodies are appearing daily on the website, so make sure you check it every day to see what’s new and hot!

Where to put the tree? Seems to be the million dollar question this year at the Gross household. If you remember, I mentioned a few weeks back about the major remodeling going on. There’s hammering, painting, tile guys, floor guys, electricians — you name it, and the furniture is everywhere where it isn’t supposed to be. Max’s room is in the living room, the living room is in the music room, the kitchen is in the dining room! ARRRRRRRRRRGH! Rest assured, however, we WILL be clearing a space this weekend for the very special Christmas tree. Now, the only problem is finding the boxes with all the decorations…

Dean Dill Update

I spoke to Dean yesterday over the phone, and he is now home. He sounded to be in good spirits, considering both his family’s and his condition. He has at least another month or so before he is out of his body cast, and then it’s physical therapy for awhile. Because of you and your generous efforts and thoughts, Hocus Pocus has raised a large sum of money for Dean and his family. Dean is very touched by the huge outpouring of support through your emails, well wishes, and donations. If you wish to donate, you can do so by clicking here!

This weekend will be the first annual Hocus Pocus holiday dinner. Everyone will be there so watch for the pictures to appear next week on the blog!

Until next time,


Dean Dill

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Dean Dill

This week’s letter will be different than most. For those of you who do not already know, Dean Dill, his wife, and son were involved in a massive automobile accident in Las Vegas earlier this week. Although massive injuries were a result of the crash, Dean reported that they are all lucky to be alive. Dean has suffered the worst with multiple broken bones and is expected to stay in the hospital for a time. According to the news I received yesterday, he will be in the hospital for at least another 10 days to 2 weeks before being released. Because of his injuries, it will be many months until Dean is able to get back on his feet. I have to tell you that in all my years in this business, I have never met a nicer, unassuming, and honest person than Dean Dill. We wish nothing but the best of wishes for a speedy recovery for Dean and his family. If you want to write Dean, you can do so by emailing him at:

The holidays are a-happening around here! It’s been go, go, go non-stop since the end of the month of November like no other year prior! As fast as your orders are coming in, we are shipping out. In fact, the shipping department has had to come in early for most of the week so far to accommodate the shipping load! Have no fear; all orders will go out in plenty of time.

In other news, we hired another sales representative, Jeremy Avery. He will start here full-time on the 9th of December and be a permanent part of the Hocus Pocus family! We can’t wait to have him. Make sure you make him feel welcome by introducing yourself when calling us. Jeremy is a very charismatic person and his specialty is in street magic!

Also, we will begin another tradition here at Hocus Pocus! I’ve decided that the first annual Hocus Pocus Holiday Dinner will begin this year. Formally, I mean. We used to have an informal little party at the shop, but this year, Betty and I have decided to make it a more eventful evening by taking the entire staff out for dinner and drinks to celebrate what a fantastic year we’ve had. Of course, plenty of pictures will be taken and shared with you here, so look forward to those…

Please remember that as the holiday season has officially arrived, try to take it easy when possible between all the shopping and performing, and try to email Dean Dill and his family to wish them well.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in your Thanksgiving stories. I had a blast reading them, and they sure brought back some memories for me. Have a safe and fulfilling weekend.

Until next time,