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No Blog Entry Today

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But stay tuned as we’ll return on Friday.

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A Little Magic Goes a Long Way…

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Hey, all. Mike Giusti here with this week’s blog.

Paul has been busy all week with a MASSIVE estate that has come through the doors of the warehouse, and it hasn’t let up yet. There are things I personally haven’t seen in years, and it’s taking all my self-control to not pick some of this stuff up for myself…

Thanks to everyone who has sent me emails and phone calls congratulating me on quitting smoking. As of yesterday, it has been 3 weeks and 1 day without a cigarette! I have an ongoing bet with a bartender buddy at one of the restaurants I perform at that whoever went the longest without a cigarette got a free coffee every week from Starbucks. So far, I’ve received 2 vente non-fat lattes with hopes for a third, fourth, fifth etc. My friend, it seems, is having a more difficult time; it’s a really hard habit to break, especially after 20 years. The joke is on him though because as long as I don’t light up, I’ll always be getting a free coffee. I don’t know why, but this has been easier to beat than I originally anticipated. I’m convinced it’s a genetic defect. In short, it looks like everyone is getting healthier and healthier here at Hocus Pocus, where the health nuts work!

Tuesday, February 27th on my radio program, the Mike on the Mic Show on Magic Broadcast, my special guest will be creator of Conjunction, Mr. Joshua Quinn. This man is a genius and figured out how to create a linking card effect with ONE business card without any tears, tape, or glue whatsoever! If you tune in, we’ll be giving a free Conjunction away that evening. It could be you! Check out the Magic Broadcast for more details.

David Copperfield is going to be here next week, and the radio and television ads are everywhere! Paul is excited to be going as David’s Car Prediction effect is one of his favorites, and he can’t wait to see it again with a new pair of spectator’s eyes. Check this out: David Copperfield has sold more tickets than both Madonna and U2 for the past couple of years!

We just got some news from Mark Wilson, who just called: It seems that Dealer Day has been postponed as it falls on the same day as the Academy Awards, and no one will be able to get anywhere near the Magic Castle. Stay tuned here as we’ll find out more details as to whether it will be rescheduled or not.

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Magic is in the Air!

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Hello again. Magic is definitely in the air here in Fresno, California. This past week, Hocus Pocus hosted a lecture with the great Bob Sheets to a packed house! Bob was so hot, his lecture lasted just under 3 full hours! Everyone agreed they got more than their money’s worth! Bob is a super guy who clearly LOVES what he does for a living, and it showed. If Bob comes to your town to lecture, do not miss out on this incredible performer and his knowledge!

Bob performs his version of the 3 Shell Game

Bob dices it up

Six Tricks in Two Minutes

Tony Blanco and Bob Sheets

Darren Romeo performs in Fresno

This weekend, Darren Romeo performs Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening at one of Fresno’s most prominent casinos. All four shows sold out far in advance. We’re hoping Darin gives Hocus Pocus a visit while he’s here in town…

David Copperfield to perform in Fresno

If that isn’t enough magic, David Copperfield will be in Fresno next Tuesday, February 19th, performing two sold-out shows at the famous William Saroyan Theater. Betty and I have tickets, so expect a full review after the show next week.

This week has surely flown by as we’ve been exceedingly busy, thanks to all of you. We’ve had more new products come through the door this week than ever before. Be sure to check out the web site to see all the latest and greatest items! In particular, make sure you check out Paul Harris’ latest offering: Ladybug, a killer “come to life” effect that will surely separate you from your competition.

My son Cole came home from college due to a knee injury sustained from playing racquetball. It was quite a surprise to us when the doctor told us that he’d have to have surgery. Wednesday, the surgery took place and all went well. Cole is expected to make a full recovery very shortly after some physical therapy, which he starts today. Tomorrow, Betty and I will drive him back to school to help him get settled back into his dorm. His room is two flights upstairs with no elevator, so he’s going to have to take it slow every day.

Greetings from the Bird Man! As I reported last week, Max has been diligently working with his two new lovebirds. Since we are gone all day, as soon as we come home and hear Max’s voice, they immediately begin chirping and won’t stop until he opens the cage to spend some time with them. Max is already working on me to get him another pair.

That about does it for this week. Have a fantastic weekend!

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Hocus Pocus Storms The Castle

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Hard to believe it’s already the first week in February; so much has already happened this year. The Swap Meet was a huge success and I appreciate all the positive comments that we have received. We are in the planning stages at the moment to do this again later in the year. Stay tuned to the website for more information about this. Here are a couple of emails I received from our guests:

Paul and Tony I am a bit late in saying this but just wanted to say thank you very much for an extraodinary time. The day was more than I ever thought it would be. The lectures were surperb. Meeting Mark Wilson and Nani as well as Shoot and the others was fantastic. I really enjoyed the day. Please do it again.

Thank you,

Hugh “Skip” Webb


Hello Paul,

I just read your wonderful writeup and viewed the great photos. You, Betty, Mike, Tony, and all of your talented staff deserve such congradulations for creating, and assembling a very wonderful get-together. You all set an atsmophere making everyone happy and comfortable.

Dealers, lecturers, customers all had a perfect day. I can’t say enough good words about what you accomplished. Thank you again for inviting us, and letting us be a part of last weekend with you. You are our good friends,


Nani Wilson

We are starting up our lecture series again. Our first offering will be Bob Sheets. Bob’s lecture is Monday, February 5th at 7:00 P.M. You can check out all the details on the front of the website at We have also booked England’s Mark Mason to lecture on Monday, April 16th. I hope to see you there for the first of many more lectures to come.

Mark & Nani Wilson have asked us to be the feature dealers at the Magic Castle Dealer’s Day event on Sunday February 25th. I am really excted about this, and Mike, Tony, and I hope to see many of you there.

New products are coming in the door faster than ever. Speaking of new products, two really hot and exciting items to keep your eye on are Change Cap by Creative Magic and Interlace by Richard Sanders. These two products have my highest recommendation and are sure-fire winners! You can’t lose with these two!

On the home front, Max has taken up yet another new interest. As I’ve told you before, he’s a 100% animal-lover, and this time, his new love is lovebirds. Last weekend, we purchased two lovebirds, cage, and all the necessities, and Max has already gotten one of them trained to jump onto his hand and climb up to rest on his shoulder! The other one is a little more hesitant, but he’s slowly but surely coming around… Good thing Max isn’t interested in alligators.

Wow… All this and it’s only February!! I can’t wait to see what this new year brings. Thank you all for your continued support and friendship. We’ll see you at the Castle Sunday February 25th!

Until next time,