Magic, Cars, & More Magic, Oh My!

I say it every week, and this week is no exception: WHAT A WEEK IT HAS BEEN! So many new and exciting products have come through our doors, we can hardly keep up. And with Mike taking a couple of days off this week, we struggled to keep up with all the updates, but we managed… The two days have equalled an entire week of products appearing on the site!

Yesterday alone, Mike put up 15 new products and more appearing today! Notably, make sure you check out the re-release of Kovari’s Ultimate Chinese Sticks! Remember these? Well, they are back and better than ever! Even when they were available, they were hard to come by. Through special negotiations with Kovari, Hocus Pocus has obtained the rights to manufacture and sell this incredible magic effect that plays equally well for adults and children. The comedy ending wherein the tassels grow longer and longer is not only an incredible magical feature, but an amazing mechanical marvel as well! We’re very excited about this project (can you tell?) and are happy to bring it back!

Please also note that we’ve obtained the incredible Astor line of Mental and Close-Up Magic. Just type in Astor in the search feature and you’ll see it all, and it is fantastic! They are all great effects of excellent quality that will last you a lifetime!

Another product I’m really excited about (and pleasantly surprised about) is the Deck to Cell Phone! When I first heard about this, to be honest, I thought, “OK…” Then they arrived and WOW! What an incredible idea with an even more incredible application. Believe me when I tell you: BUY THIS; I GUARANTEE YOU’LL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Ever since we put Bang On by Marc Oberon on the web site, we’ve taken at least 2 dozen orders for it per day! Wow! This one is hot, hot, hot! Remember, Hocus Pocus is still the only US dealer with Bang On in stock for immediate delivery.

Speaking of in-stock, Richard Sanders’ Any Ring has been a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t until Mike let me in on the secret that I thought it was nothing more than an ordinary ring handkerchief. Oh boy, was I wrong… Richard Sanders does it again and I know it’s a winner when Mike buys two of them! Remember, this makes a perfect accessory to Richard’s top-selling Interlace effect, also available for immediate delivery at Hocus Pocus! Oh, and don’t forget: Any Ring is on special right now for the low price of $16.95 POSTPAID anywhere in the USA and half price shipping for all our overseas and foreign friends. This offer is good until Saturday, March 31 at midnight PDT!

How many of you forgot to set your clocks back this week? Everyone here remembered, thank goodness, however my son, Cole, did not which made for a frantic run for his first class on Monday morning. It’s a good thing he knows how to move fast because he was not one minute late.

Tomorrow is the Autorama! This is a yearly car show and an event for my family and me, especially for Max! Max is car-crazy, and that’s being mild about the subject! It’s “Dad, look at this car, Dad, look at that car, Dad, look at these rims, wheels, steering wheel, odometer, gear shift!” You get the idea… We own every car magazine out there, and Max watched every car TV show there is. When I was his age, it was all about magic tricks but his passion about cars equals mine for magic. If I’d only kept that 1976 Firebird, my first car. I only paid $900.00 for it, which at the time seemed like a fortune. Nowadays, they’re bringing in $30,000.00 and upwards!

Mike was completely taken by surprise with the response to his Most Embarrassing Moments Contest on Tuesday! He received so many emails, he had to stop reading them all and save them for this Tuesday! Emails flooded his inbox from California to Japan! Remember, if you haven’t already submitted your Most Embarrassing Moment, you still have time. The giveaways for the top 3 are as follows:

3rd Place:

Man of Danger videos by Simon Lovell, 1-4
Stand-Up Pop-Up video by Meir Yedid
Sprizzer, the Movie video
Dan Harlan’s Packs Small, Plays Big videos 1-3
The Light Fantastic video by Jay Scott Berry

2nd Place:

Business Card Magic DVD by Mark Wilson
Sales Magic DVD by Mark Wilson
After Dinner Magic DVD by Mark Wilson
Jumbo Bicycle Box filled with magic goodies
Magic Broadcast T-Shirt
Chuck Fayne Live video
The Magic of Dominique Duvivier videos, 1-3
Harry Lorayne Magical Classics video
Lorayne, Best Teacher Ever videos, 8, 9, 10
Martin A. Nash Live video
Award-Winning Card Magic of Martin A. Nash videos 4-5

1st Place:

Interlace by Richard Sanders
Collard by John Archer
Change Cap

All you have to do to submit your Most Embarrassing Moment is email it to Mike at

Or you can leave a voice message on the Magic Broadcast Talkback Line at 888-808-2412.

Or you can call Mike live on the show
this Tuesday, March 20 at 8:00 PM PDT toll-free at 888-851-1534.

Thanks for all of you who asked to “get mugged” by Hocus Pocus last week. Our free gift with purchase last week of a special magician’s mug was a huge hit. We sent out over 250 mugs with orders last week. This was so successful, we want to do it again. If you want to get your magician’s mug, all you have to do is ask for is with your next order. It’s our free gift to you with any purchase. This offer expires next Friday, March 23 at midnight PDT.

So there it is. Lots of excitement and always something new at Hocus Pocus.

Until next time,



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