And Then There Were Four

The flu bug has hit hard here at Hocus Pocus, and as a result, we are down to a skeleton crew. Only Betty, Mike, Jan, and myself are survivors, so the blog will be short today.

Ever since we offered a brand new section of our web site called Free Downloads, the bandwidth has been insane! Our first offering, John Mendoza’s Whispers Four Times Three, has already had more than 2000 hits! We’re so excited about it, we’re already working on the next free download, which should be up soon.

Masuda Mania

You all know Masuda from his insanely creative invention, WOW! It spread like wildfire through all the chat rooms and whispers amongst magicians. Well now, I am proud to say that Hocus Pocus now has the entire line of Masuda products available for you in the special Masuda category! From the classic Frozen in Time to the crafty new Hole Mystery and everything in-between, there are 18 products in all from which to choose, so go wild!

Remember to mark your calenders for the Magic Castle’s Dealer Day on Sunday, March 2 and just one day later, Joshua Jay will be joining us for an evening of magic on March 3!

I’ll be back in full force next week. Until then, have a great weekend.



One Response to “And Then There Were Four”

  1. Did I understand you correctly? We can attend the Magic Castle Dealers Day? Is it open to the public? I would love to attend. Please fill us in on more details Paul! Thanks.

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