Back From Allakazam!

Well, I’m back! Max and I made a day trip to Mark and Nani Wilson’s warehouse to pick up the Allakazam Hats. It was quite a site to see them all lined up in the entryway of their offices. Mark and Nani stayed up ’till the wee hours on Mother’s Day by making sure all the Hats were signed and numbered by each of them. I must say how impressed I am in the finished product. Jay Leslie has gone above and beyond even my expectations on quality and craftsmanship. For those who pre-ordered, your wait is almost over as we will begin shipping the Allakazam Hats tomorrow (Friday). For those of you who are still interested, we have less than a few left with the original memorabilia package included, so hurry and place your order soon. I guarantee for those of you who purchased the Allakazam Hat, you will not only be happy but proud of yourself for making the investment. My sincere thanks to Mark and Nani and Jay Leslie for helping this dream project become a reality.

Mark and Nani signing and numbering each Allakazam Hat

Allakazam Hats preparing for their trip home

So, last evening, I was asked to speak about Hocus Pocus to a group called Business Incubator, a Fresno-based business that showcased “Entrepreneur Unplugged Night.” It was a casual event with about 25 to 30 businessmen and women interested in the growth, development, and success of local businesses. Of course, I couldn’t just go up and talk the entire evening without performing a bit of magic, and since beer was being served, what better way to kick off the evening than by performing the famous Vanishing Beer Bottle trick! It got a great round of applause and enthusiasm from the audience, and the perfect icebreaker to begin my talk. I began at 5:45 PM and before I knew it, it was 7:00 PM. A great crowd with a fantastic Q & A. I really enjoyed myself.

We’re still getting a lot of great response from the Aldo and Rachel Colombini Lecture last week. It was a great double-feature with both Aldo and Rachel performing and lecturing. Everyone got their money’s worth as the lecture, which began at 7:00 PM didn’t end until 10:30 PM. If these two fine lecturers come to your area, make sure you do everything in your power to go see them.

Aldo still Ringing Around.

Rachel Colombini performs and teaches one of her effects

Clowning around after the lecture

Ball Vases? OK, it’s been brought to my attention that I may have a small problem. I have a ball vase fetish that just won’t relinquish its hold on me. What began as a practical joke has grown into an obsession that I cannot control. I now have over 80 ball vases in my collection, from the rarest of rare to the common plastic version. You name it; I have it! And here’s the part that shows I truly have a problem: I want more! Do you have a ball vase you’d like to part with? If so, I’d like to give it a good home with the others shown below. You can contact me via email at or call toll-free 800-407-4040. Please, no calls from Ball Vases Anonymous…

Just a few of the ball vases in my office

But wait; there’s more! You can never have enough.

Until next time,



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