The Party May Be Over, But…

The party may be over but the fun hasn’t stopped. My birthday was Monday, September 1, and there’s never been a better one! Starting with my time off last Friday, I got to work in my yard, go to the movies, spend some time with my family, and receive some pretty nice gifts — it was like an early Christmas. I must thank so many of you who sent emails, phone calls, and even some birthday cards for your thoughtfulness. It was very much appreciated.

Drills of Death

So, this week we’re very excited to announce a brand new Hocus Pocus Exclusive, the Drills of Death. Occasionally, a great effect is brought to our attention. Drills of Death is definitely one of those effects; it has everything that makes for great magical theater: Audience participation, drama, built-in comedy potential, and most importantly, the element of danger. So impressed were we by this effect, we purchased the rights to manufacture and distribute it. If you want edgy, in-your-face, hardcore mentalism, this is definitely worth checking out. The method is so clever and 150% safe, that all your efforts can be put into the most important part: the entertainment. For more information, Check it out HERE!

Allakazam Update

Coming soon.

Lots of response to my teaser last week about the upcoming Mark & Nani Wilson project. Now in its final stages, Mark will be filming the instructional DVD this weekend, and then it goes off to the editors and duplicators. The official launch of this project will follow. It won’t be long now, I promise. More importantly, congratulations to Mark and Nani for celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary!

Magician/Rock Star?

The multi-talented Mike Giusti

Earlier this week, our very own Mike Giusti was asked to audition for Midnight Run, a Journey tribute band, and only after a few songs, they asked him to join. Soon, they will be touring all over the United States, Canada, and even overseas. Give them a listen HERE and tell me they don’t sound just like Journey! Between magic gigs, working here at Hocus Pocus, and at least one music practice and gig per week with his other band, I don’t understand how Mike will be able to fit this new endeavor into his schedule. Regardless, congratulations, Mike and enjoy the little amount of sleep you must now be getting.

Until next time,


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