arachnophobia – a·rach·no·pho·bi·a (ə-rāk’nə-fō’bē-ə, -nō-)
n. An abnormal fear of spiders.

That’s what everyone has here at Hocus Pocus! Not really. Tarantula is the magic word around here. Ever since we announced the pre-orders for this brand new effect, the orders have been pouring in! Late yesterday afternoon, the wait was over as hundreds of Tarantulas arrived in our warehouse! All morning long, it’s been pack and ship, pack and ship, Tarantula, Tarantula, Tarantula. Not since Jim Rosenbaum’s Gecko, last year’s and still one of this year’s best-sellers have I seen such a frenzy for a new product. I must say that after checking it out today, Tarantula is a very ingenious secret weapon/gimmick that once mastered, you’ll carry with you all the time. If you are one of the few who is not familiar with what Tarantula is, do yourself a favor and check it out HERE as well as the online video! Not only can you get it at a great discount right now, you can also get a free package of Mesika’s Invisible Thread Loops. Now that’s a pretty cool deal!

Tarantulas, tarantulas everywhere!

Just one side of the shipping table with boxes ready to ship Tarantula

An Afternoon of Allakazam

What if you could spend an afternoon with Mark and Nani Wilson? What if, during that afternoon, you could reminisce about their early days on the TV show, The Magic Land of Allakazam? What if you could see them perform again? What if you could take a few private lessons with these legends of magic? What about a Question and Answer session? And more! Wonder no more; on Saturday, April 4th Hocus Pocus will host an Afternoon of Allakazam! What better way to learn about our art than from magic’s most beloved magic couple! No one has contributed more in their career in the art of magic than Mark and Nani Wilson. Imagine the historical significance of an event like this and to be able to sit, talk with, share, and learn from them. There will be something here for everyone that day, and I guarantee that this event will be something you’ll never forget! And the best part? This event will be absolutely free to attend, and any materials needed for the lessons taught will be supplied. However, seating will be limited to only 100. For more details and to reserve your seat now, contact me directly at or call me toll-free 800-407-4040 or 559-266-5150! I hope to see you here. More information will be posted on the web site later in the week.

Now, it’s back to Tarantulas. So many to ship, so little time. But have no fear; they’ll ALL go out this afternoon.

Until next week,



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