Congratulations Are In Order

I hope everyone had a long and restful Memorial Day Weekend. I know I certainly enjoyed my time off, although I think those 4 days went by way too quickly. Friday, Betty and I traveled south to a small town called Kingsburg, where I visited one of my favorite nurseries, picked up several new plants, and headed to another spot in Parlier, California, called Ortega’s. This place is unbelievable! Acres and acres of pots, fountains, bird baths, and statuary. You could truly spend hours there and not see everything they have to offer. I picked up a couple of hand-painted pots (Betty’s favorite) to put the plants that we just bought from the nursery inside. Now home, to plant, pot, and work in the yard. Saturday, I found a new nursery and picked up some more goodies for the yard. Sunday, we took a one-day trip to San Juan Bautista, had a picnic, and checked out the street fair. We then checked out a movie, and before you knew it, the four days had passed like lightning.

This week, there have been some people who have accomplished some remarkable things, and I thought it would be nice to recognize and congratulate them for those accomplishments.


My good friend, Bruce Kalver, also known as the current S.A.M. President, phoned the other day to tell me that his son, Eric, just graduated from the Berklee College of Music and has started a business creating music for different types of acts, especially magic. He does everything from composing to arranging it, and then he records it for you to use in your shows. Bruce sent over a piece of music to listen to, and it is great! He has just finished creating music for Mike Miller’s new Pool Act. Eric says that his music is created to enhance an act without overpowering it. He speaks with you about your act and what style of music you are thinking of using and what tricks you are performing. Then he creates specialized music for you. He is also working on a CD of music for popular tricks and illusions that should be available soon. What better way to add the mark of professionalism to your act than to have your own custom music? If you’d like to talk to Eric about music for your act, check out his website at:


More congratulations are in order to our own Ken Walker and Mike Giusti who have successfully decided to break the smoking habit. Ken is 2 months smoke-free and Mike has just reached the 2 week mark. I know how hard it is for both of them to give up this highly addictive habit, but they both have the right attitude, and I have complete faith that they will kick the habit permanently.


Congratulations also go to my oldest son, Cole, who recently landed a job working for one of the United States’ most respected accounting firms in the Bay Area. He is home visiting for the next week and a half before he returns to the Bay Area to begin his new job. Betty and I are extremely proud of him, and Cole is very excited to embark on this new chapter of his life. Has has worked extremely hard to get to this point, and he has definitely earned his new position.


Wilcox Green Room Illusion

On the home front, I was like a little kid again when UPS showed up this morning with a brand new package for me. I am excited to acquire a very rare Wilcox Green Room Illusion. A cabinet displaying a female mannequin face is shown, and as you stare at the face, it slowly melts away and turns into a skull! Another application would have a plate of grapes that morphs into a wine bottle. Just about anything that can fit into the cabinet can be made to transform into something else. This is the kind of stuff I really like! I opened the box, set it up, and had everyone come and watch the illusion in action, and they all loved it! Now residing on the showroom floor, it becomes another piece of magic history in our museum. Remember, any time you are in the area, you are more than welcome to stop by. I’ll be more than happy to give you the tour and set up the Green Room Illusion for you.

Before I go, I thought I’d share this cartoon with you, courtesy of one of our friends. I think you’ll find it as humorous as I do.


Until next time,



One Response to “Congratulations Are In Order”

  1. Thanks Paul!

    Congratulations to Eric, Cole and Mike as well on their accomplishments.

    For any other interested smokers out there, check out I used Cris’s Stop Smoking Now CD as a tool to help finally successfully quit.

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