On Your Mark

It’s been a great week here at Hocus Pocus. On Tuesday, Betty and I traveled north to meet with Mark and Trish Mason. It was a great day as Mark demonstrated his product line, including some newer effects from his Elite line not yet released. I have to tell you there’s no better pitchman or demonstrator than Mark. He reintroduced me to what I feel is the best coin in bottle ever produced, Blindspot! Trust me when I tell you, this will fry any audience when they see it! Even knowing how it worked, I was still captivated by it when I saw it performed again. And the best part is, anybody, and I mean ANYBODY can perform this almost immediately after receiving it. The other item I particularly enjoyed was the new Metamorphosis, created by Wayne Dobson and marketed by Mark Mason. Being that we were gone on Tuesday, when our shipment arrived at the store the same day, I didn’t have a chance to check it out, so the first time I saw it was when Mark demonstrated it for me. Whoever you perform this for won’t believe their eyes. This is a precision-made coin gaff that enables you to cause a visual and impossible transformation of two coins. Do yourself a favor and check both of these items out along with the online videos. The best thing about Mark Mason’s line is anyone can perform each and every one of these routines with no difficult sleight-of-hand. As an extra bonus, Mark Mason has created a DVD catalog with demonstrations of each of his effects. If you’d like to have one, please request one the next time you place an order, and we’ll be happy to throw one in at no charge. We’ve now created a special Mark Mason product category on the web site which should make all of your Mark Mason shopping easier than ever. The day went by quick but not before Mark and I discussed a special project just for you: in a few weeks, I’ll be sending a letter out to all online members with a special offer. This will be for an item that Mark has created ONLY for Hocus Pocus and no one else. Stay tuned for more details about this and other new Mark Mason releases.


Mark Mason and me.


Speaking of Marks, the reception to the Mark Wilson Magic University has been overwhelming! We’ve gotten so many nice emails and phone calls from many of you who have already joined. Each week, an automatic email goes out containing three new magic lessons. On a personal note, I’ve really enjoyed watching each one of the lessons and have even had the opportunity to perform them at dinner the other night. It’s really quite a bargain; less than a few dollars per lesson and what you receive is priceless. If you haven’t already enrolled in Mark Wilson’s Magic University, check it out here!



More Mark and Nani Wilson news: due to the tremendous success of the Allakazam Hat, the Allakazam Egg, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Magic University, Mark and Nani have agreed to let us release yet another of their classic routines. Now, like before, I can’t tip more than I already have, but I will tell you that we are feverishly working on getting this project completed for its debut at the MAGIC Live convention this August in Las Vegas! I’ll be honest with you when I say it’s going to be tough to have it completed by then due to the intricate manufacturing process necessary, so keep your fingers crossed; I’m really excited about this one, and I think you will be too. It’s an effect for all types of performers and will include a personal performance and instructional DVD from Mark himself.



Be sure to watch David Blaine on Ellen DeGeneres’ TBS Special, “Ellens Bigger, Longer and Wider” that airs tomorrow, Saturday, June 27 at 9pm EST to see a very clever use of an iPhone application described below.Check it out:

Magician David Blaine Teams up with Partners 1993 to Bring His Favorite Close-up Card Magic, See-A-Card, to Apple’s App Store

Now iPhone and iPod Touch Users Can Amaze Everyone with Easily Downloaded App

LOS ANGELES – June 29, 2009 – The coolest new app for the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod touch lets users perform famed magician David Blaine’s amazing card effect that astounds audiences everywhere, thanks to the skills of software engineering firm Partners 1993.

The user-friendly app — “Street Magic: See A Card” — works on supported iPhones, including the new 3G S, and iPod touch devices, and allows users to become a magician, like Blaine, in boggling the minds of those who see the effect performed. The app became available for downloads at Apple’s iTunes app store for $1.99 on Friday, June 26, 2009.

“This is my favorite piece of magic; it was pivotal in gaining my first TV special. Now, for the first time, I am making it available to magic fans as a download from the Apple app store,” said Blaine, who continually strives to amaze audiences with magic and public feats of endurance that include levitation and remaining under water longer than any other human being.

“Turning the iPhone into a virtual deck of cards is no small feat,” he added. “This is one of the hardest card effects to get right, and Partners 1993 has really demonstrated its technical skills. This application makes every owner of a supported iPhone and iPod touch a magician.”

David Blaine’s software firm, Mindboggling LLC, chose Partners 1993 to develop Street Magic for the iPhone and iPod touch because of its track record of innovatively solving complex mobile-application problems.

“Partners 1993 is pleased to have collaborated with David Blaine in adapting the physical effect to one that works in the iPhone and iPod touch formats,” said Lew Roth, Partners 1993 vice president of business development. “We’re proud that we could apply our out-of-the-box thinking and implementation skills to Street Magic and deliver an app that allows any performer to duplicate what David Blaine does best – leave audiences of all ages amazed by what they have just seen.”

Roth said building Street Magic to replicate Blaine’s legerdemain presented many challenges, including:

Developing the full size, composite animated imagery and sequencing needed for the iPhone to be perceived as a three-dimensional full deck of cards. Getting the iPhone 3-D deck to behave the same as the physical deck of cards when David Blaine performs the effect. Getting the card seen by the viewer to be the same card that is revealed on the iPhone screen.

“Street Magic was one of the most fun yet challenging iPhone projects we’ve undertaken at Partners 1993. We were inspired by David Blaine’s initial vision and driven by the extraordinary responses that this card trick evokes,” said Roth.


With only a few days left in the month, it’s hard for me to believe that next weekend will be the Fourth of July. This means we’re less than 2 months away from the MAGIC Live convention in Las vegas. Everything is set for us to attend, and we have the largest dealer’s booth possible. This means we’ll be bringing everything with us minus the kitchen sink. There will be new items, exclusives, antiques, and collectibles. Special guests at our booth will be Zoran demonstrating his Lit Candle Mystery, Tim Wisseman demonstrating his entire line of unique products, Mark and Nani Wilson, and of course, our own Mike Giusti, Tim Mannix, Betty and myself. We’re all very excited to meet you in person, and can’t wait for August to get here.

Until next time,



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