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Post-MAGIC Live!

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Well, the dust has finally settled, and it’s hard to believe it’s been a week since MAGIC Live has ended. What a great time we had, and it couldn’t have been more organized and perfect! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Stan Allen and his staff put on, what I believe, is the best magic convention I’ve ever attended. The events, lectures, and shows were all top notch and of the highest caliber. As a dealer, I must give special thanks to Brian and Rebecca Daniels of Creative Magic as they were both in charge of Marketplace Live. Their innovative ideas and fresh approach elevated the dealer’s room to new heights.

The dealer’s room was filled with many new products, many of which we brought back with us to share with you. Gregory Wilson blew us away with his new Pointless trick. He showed it to me at least a dozen times, and I was fooled every time I saw it. Check it out HERE.

One of our biggest sellers was Steve Spill’s Mindreading Goose! Professional magicians worldwide have waited 25 years for Steve Spill to release this! Now, we have it and you can, too right HERE!

Mark Mason fried us with his new E-Case, a revolutionary electronic signed card to card case, available HERE.

R. Paul Wilson was there to demonstrate for Dean Dill, the Revelation, wherein someone thinks of and draws a picture of (any) playing card and that actual card is found to be inside an envelope which has been in plain sight the entire time! You can find it HERE.

And one of the coolest things we found was Bizzarro’s Color Changing Spongeball, a new innovation in Sponge Ball magic! This utility prop allows you to perform visual color changes, transformations, and transpositions. Don’t believe us? Hop on over HERE to see for yourself!

I’ve just highlighted a few of the new products we brought back with us. You can check out the web site to see them all or give me a call at 800-407-4040.

I was extremely surprise when the Rhode Island SAM presented me with an award. Highly unexpected and most appreciated. The other highlight was Marvyn Roy stopping by to say hello and chat. Thinking ahead that he may attend the convention, I brought with me one of his Signed Bill in Light Bulb effects. This was marketed for a very short time, and I was able to obtain it through a private collector. Funny thing is, when I received it, the bill inside the bulb was signed “Mr. Electric, 1999” When I told the story to Marvyn, he asked to see the bill and verified it was, indeed, his signature. After discussing the effect with me and its history, I asked him to autograph the lamp, which he graciously did. What a classy, positive, and genuine person. And a day I’ll never forget. I’ll display the lamp in a case next to an autographed Mr. Electric poster. Thanks, Marvyn.

Below are some photos we thought you might enjoy from the convention:


Our customer from Chile, Gerardo Parra


Gregory Wilson clowning around with Paul Harris


Rhode Island SAM presenting me with an award


Luna and baby Ione


The Hocus Pocus booth opening night


Another view


Zoran and his wife, Zdravka, ready to demo the Lit Candle Mystery


Bill Malone, Mike Giusti, and David Williamson, the 3 clowns of MAGIC Live!


Dave Williamson performed Spike with his puppet of Dai Vernon


Zoran performs the Lit Candle Mystery for Neil Patrick Harris and Ed Alonzo


Ed Alonzo and Zoran


Neil Patrick Harris, Bruce Kalver, and Christopher Hart visit the booth


Marvyn Roy and me discussing his Signed Bill in Light Bulb


Discussing the details and fine points of the effect


Marvyn Roy signs my Signed Bill to Light Bulb


One of the highlights of the entire convention for me


Mike performing the Contortionist for Bill Malone and friend


Cashetta from Magic Is A Drag show


Brian Platt performs Blackout and fools Rick Thomas


Rick enjoys a moment with Zoran and Zdravka


Milt Larson stops by to chat


David Kaye, a.k.a. Silly Billy stacks up his purchases from the Hocus Pocus booth


Final hour crunch of the convention


Mark Nelson wins the raffle. Congratulations!

In closing, it was great to see so many old friends and new acquaintances. We always enjoy seeing and meeting you face to face. So many of you phoned and emailed about Mike’s videos as only Mike could do during the convention. We hope you found it as entertaining and humorous as we did.

This weekend, I’m going to try to catch up on my sleep from all that I missed last week. Of course, I’ll still make time to work in my yard and count my gnomes.

Until next week,


MAGIC Live! Day 4

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No regular blog this week; we’re traveling back home and will return next week. Until then, enjoy the final video from MAGIC Live!

MAGIC Live, Day 3

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MAGIC Live, Day 2

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First Night of MAGIC Live!

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A Walkthrough the Dealer’s Room

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Magic Live, Part 2: The Transformation

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OK, we lied. We brought the kitchen sink.


The beginning stages.


The unloading and set up begins.





More and more…



Amongst the organized chaos, Tim Mannix finds something to his, um, liking…


Taking shape after 5 hours of unloading, opening and organizing.


Putting on the finishing touches…



The final product. Looking good!