Only 1 Week Away!

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Hard to believe, but we’re only one week away from MAGIC Live! All week long, I’ve been pulling items and packing them up for their trip to Las Vegas. Every time I think I’m finished, I see one more item to bring, then another and another… Trust me when I tell you: we’re bringing it all (or try to at least). I’ve packed many of our exclusive, hard to find, and even some antique, collectible, and private estate items as well! I’m really excited about the mix of products we’re bringing; there’s something for everybody. Even though we can’t bring everything, if there’s something you’re interested in seeing, you may want to drop us a line. If we haven’t already packed it and we have it on hand, we’ll bring it with us. For those of you attending, we have plenty of surprises up our sleeve, including special guests visiting our booth to demonstrate their products and much more! Mike is especially excited as we;ve made a special purchase of a Flip Mino HD camera, and we’ll be uploading video blogs (vlogs) throughout the convention. So, for those of you who were not able to attend, it will be as if you are there with us. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates during the convention.

On the home front, my oldest son, Cole, finishes his internship with the accounting firm Armanino McKenna. He had a great Summer working for them, and it looks like he is a prospective hire in the Fall. Betty and I are very proud and excited for Cole. He’ll be visiting Fresno this evening and spending the next four days with us and he and I already have big gardening plans for the weekend. My other son, Max, just returned from a 2 week vacation in Hawaii. What a life! When his mother remarked on his suntan, he told us that we could address him as the bronze god. Is it possible that a career as a stand-up comedian is in his future?

Had a surprise visit from Robert Baxt and his wife, Yumi this Monday as they celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary! They stopped by to visit after their trip to San Francisco and while here, Robert shared with me 3 new upcoming products that he’ll be releasing very soon. One will be a Hocus Pocus exclusive that we’re very excited about. After several years of research and development on Robert’s part, it’s almost ready, so stay tuned to the web site for more details.


A very special THANK YOU to everyone who has generously donated to help out Dean Dill and his family. Every single day now since we’ve put up the special donation category, donations from all over the world have been pouring in, showing support for the Dill family. I even received an email from Dean himself yesterday, who is so touched by your generosity. He shared with me that he is starting chemotherapy and that surgery will possibly be needed in the near future. I know that you join us in wishing the best for Dean in sending positive thoughts his way. If you wish to donate as well, we have a special category on the web site, and all donations will go directly to Dean Dill and his family. Simply click here.

As I look up from my computer, I just saw two more things I should bring to MAGIC Live. The real magic trick is how we’ll manage to pack all of this into the cargo van… I better get to work.

Until next time,



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