Back & Rarin’ to Go

So I’m back and rarin’ to go after a short vacation last week. Betty and I left last Wednesday morning and headed north to Saratoga, California. Betty bought me tickets a couple of weeks ago as a surprise for my birthday to see James Taylor. We arrived late afternoon in Saratoga, a small but quaint town. The small streets were lined with antique stores and other unique shops. We did a bit of shopping and before you know it, it was time for dinner. We ate streetside at a small Italian cafe called Bella Saratoga. It was a wonderful dinner, and we enjoyed people watching. Dinner was over and it was up the hill to the Mountain Winery, where the concert was to be held in the amphitheater. If you’ve never been to this place, what an incredible find it really is! Nestled in the Saratoga mountains with a view that is spectacular, it was the perfect setting for a wonderful concert.


The view from the top of the hill

Winery Building Front

A view of the Mountain Winery


James Taylor

The concert began at 7:30, and for two hours, we enjoyed all the songs that brought me back to my youth as well as new ones. Once the concert was finished, we got in the car and headed to Lafayette, California, about an hour’s drive away. We arrived about midnight, checked into our hotel, and got a good night’s sleep. The next morning, we met up with our son, Cole, who attends college in Moraga, sister city to Lafayette. He had some exciting news for us: he was offered a job with the accounting firm he interned with for the Summer! We were more than excited and extremely proud of him. We then took another short drive up to Walnut Creek, did a little shopping, and went to lunch with Cole and his girlfriend, Amanda. We spent the day visiting and then Cole told us about a new restaurant in Lafayette that he knew we would enjoy. He was right. What better way to celebrate his new job.


Dinner with Cole and Amanda at the Artisan restaurant in Lafayette

After dinner, Cole gave me my late birthday present: a new cement gnome for my garden. After doing so, he told me about a brand new place that he had found in South San Francisco called A. Silvestri Co. and decided to take a trip there on Friday to show us. Now, all regular readers of this blog know that my backyard garden is my “thing.” I spend my weekends and free time working out there. When Cole took me to the web site to show me some of the pictures, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas time again. Friday morning, Cole met us at the hotel and a short 25-minute drive later, we were in South San Francisco standing in the parking lot of A. Silvestri Co. This place is amazing and the size of the showroom is the size of an airplane hanger!


Cole and I in front of the showroom


One view from the parking lot


Inside just one corner of the showroom


Birdbaths, fountains, and more


Cole and I loading our purchases onto the forklift

This place was absolutely amazing. Thousands of statuary, fountains, birdbaths, pots, etc. It would take hours to see everything there, and you may not be able to do it in that amount of time! Believe it or not, everything seen above is actually manufactured by this company in a separate facility across the street. They pour, mold, and finish all the products they sell. After loading up the car, it was time to head home. It was great to take the time off and recharge my batteries.

The first day of Fall officially started Tuesday, although it would be hard to tell here with the triple-digit heat. Next week promises to be cooler, and I hope the weatherman’s right. Speaking of Fall, it’s time to start thinking of those holiday shows. I know what you’re thinking: how could it already be time for the holidays? This year’s gone by faster than ever.


Before I go this week, I want to tease you a little about an upcoming event to be held here at Hocus Pocus. It’s called The Big Event, and it will be a 1-day, one-of-a-kind experience. We’re finalizing the details and finishing touches now, and within a few days, I’ll be ready to make the announcement. I’m very excited about this event and hope you will be as well. If you live in the area or are within driving distance to Hocus Pocus, reserve Saturday, November 7th on your calendars. If you’d like a little more advanced information, feel free to call me at 800-407-4040 or 559-266-5150.

Until next time,



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  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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