Magic Castle Bound

This week has gone by faster than ever, thanks to the many orders you’ve sent our way. Our “Bang For Your Bucks” promotion was a huge success, and so many of you took advantage of the deals and discounts that were offered. Speaking of great deals, you have until tomorrow night at midnight to snag Larry Becker’s Versadex Wallet for an incredible $100.00-off discount! That’s right; the regular price is $124.95, but you can buy yours for only $24.95! Insane? Yes. But what the heck! Check it out HERE! This is just the beginning of some great deals we’ll be offering you over the next few months. Believe me when I tell you there’s gonna be some real money saved in your pocket on some great items! So stay tuned.

Magic Castle

Magic Castle Bound

Tomorrow, we’ll be heading south to the Magic Castle to attend the Fall Swap Meet. This visit is a little more special than others as we’re celebrating my oldest son, Cole’s 21st birthday. It a tradition in the Gross family to take each son or daughter to the Magic Castle when they turn 21. So off we’ll go: Betty, Cole, Cole’s girlfriend who just turned 21 Amanda, my daughter Renee and her husband Jonathan, and me. The exciting part is that it will be the first time for Cole, Amanda, and Jonathan, and they’re all looking forward to it. We’ll be joined by Mark and Nani Wilson, Robert and Yumi Baxt, and Mark Nelson for an early dinner and then we’ll catch all the shows and give them an extensive tour of all the Castle’s nooks and crannies. Saturday morning, we’ll get up early and attend the Swap Meet and then back to our hotel to get dressed in black tie and drive to Santa Monica to attend the World Magic Awards. This show will be taped that afternoon to be aired in November. The lineup for this event is some of the best in the magic business, and we’re all looking forward to the event. I’ll report more next week.

The Big Event

I promised you all last week that I would reveal this week, the special guest lecturer for the Big Event here at Hocus Pocus Saturday, February 27th, 2010. Before I give you the name, I want to give you a brief description of what we’re planning. This will be like a miniature convention, somewhat like we’ve held in the past. There will be a huge display of magic for sale, including thousands of items from our own collectible and private estate collection. There’ll be things here you haven’t seen but more about this later. Now I’ll reveal the 2 special lecturers. Yep, not 1 but 2:


Michael Ammar

We are extremely excited that Michael Ammar has signed on to be our featured lecturer. Michael’s new lecture has been garnering rave reviews amongst both attendees and professionals in the industry, and we look forward to his visit. 


Lee Alex

Lee Alex, master quick-change illusionist is our other lecturer, coming to us from the other side of the globe. Lee won the Merlin Award Illusionist of the Year, 2009. Author of the book, Time for a Change as well as quick-change products he’s marketed, this is an exciting opportunity to experience a completely new kind of lecture and learn about the art of the quick change.

Important details about the big event: Many of you are asking how much it will cost to attend. Here’s the answer: Nothing, nada, zero! It’s a free event but there’s a catch: Seating for the lectures will be limited so register now and call us at 800-407-4040 or 559-266-5150. We expect a monstrous turnout, so don’t be left out; February’s not that far away. I have other plans for this day but until they are confirmed, this is all I can reveal at the moment.

Dean Dill Update

Many of you have asked me about how Dean has been doing. I received this letter from Dean the other day and he has asked that I share it with all of you:


Thanks so much for the checks and your never ending friendship and support. I am doing well. I have had 2 Chemo sessions. First 4 1/2 hrs under the needle and the second 5 1/2 hrs. Sounds pretty spooky huh? Actually I have had minimal side effects. Feeling pretty good most of the time. I am even at the Shoppe a few days a week. Radiation every weekday. Will do that for 26 to 30 days. Once they feel that the tumor has shrunk enough I will have surgery to remove the cancer. Then 6 more months of Chemo just to make sure.

My spirits are very good. The Lord has given me peace of mind and strength. That is all I pray for. The situation is for my good and
others around me. Suffering makes us strong and gives us compassion for others who go through trying times. I love you Paul and your team of people. You have always been there for me in special ways.

I took the addresses of the people who donated and will write thank you notes.

See ya and give Betty a hug for me.


We continually pray and keep Dean in our thoughts. We thank you as well as Dean for your continued support and well-wishes.

So that about wraps it up for this week. I’ve gotten lots of positive comments about the vlog (video blog) we did a while back so next week, Mike is going to fire up the camera and we’ll give you a video tour of some of the cool things living in our showroom floor.

As always, until next time,



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