The Big List

You may remember several months ago, I told you that we acquired a rather large private collection. We had prepared a partial list and sent it out to Online Members, and the response was tremendous, and we appreciate all your support. So many of you have asked since then when the next list will be coming out. Your wait is almost over. There are literally thousands of items and a collection of this size is a major undertaking. First, you must make sure that all the items are complete with all parts and instructions, if available. It’s an arduous task, at best, and very time-consuming. Thankfully, my good friend, Steve Dick, from Southern California, was available to come and help us out. Steve is an expert in rare, collectible, and used magic, and someone whose opinion I value. So, for days on end, Steve helped to catalogue, price and inventory the next grouping of items. So, hold onto your hats and buckle your seat belts; the next list will be sent out on Friday evening, October 30th. Important to note: the only way to gain access to this list is to become an online member, which is completely free. The secret link will be sent to you via email. So, if you are not yet an online member, you still have time to sign up HERE! Just to show you we’re not kidding about how large this collection is, Mike and I filmed a short video tour. Enjoy.

Until next time,



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