‘Tis the Season.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. We certainly had a great time and had our fill of turkey and gravy. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we were slammed. I arrived at 5:00 AM, and the voice mail was completely filled on our phone, and orders stacked up online. It was the busiest day after Thanksgiving we’ve ever had! Thanks for making that happen.

On the home front, while Betty and I were at the shop, my sons and son in-law were feverishly working on putting up all our outdoor decorations. They started at 8:00 AM and worked until almost 8:00 PM! This year’s display is even more spectacular than before, and I’ll have pictures to share with you next week.

Saturday, Betty, the boys, and I decorated the house on the inside. A major undertaking, to say the least. Every year, we set up the miniature Dickens Christmas Village on top of our piano. This year, I had the bright idea of creating a new display. It turns out, my bright idea wasn’t so bright after all; I built up a platform with Styrofoam, and then covered it with snow (flocking). Next, all the houses, along with all their electrical wires to light them were installed (this process takes almost 2 hours by itself). After getting almost 80% of the display done, it began to collapse! I looked at Cole, he looked at me, and he could see my frustration, to which he calmly remarked, “Go in the other room, finish decorating, and I’ll take care of this.” He completely dismantled what we had spent hours on, and rebuilt the display as originally intended. And everything was perfect:

The Dickens Village complete

Every year since Betty and I have been married, we bought different pieces to this Dickens Village

Now last year, you may remember my story about the 8 foot nutcracker that my son and I found and brought home. Well, this year, while we were out, last weekend we found a set of life-size Christmas carolers. I guess I don’t need to tell you we brought them home.

Life-size Christmas carolers next to the Dickens Village

So, I guess you could say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, both at Hocus Pocus and at home.

50th Anniversary Allakazam Hat Update:

Just got off the phone with Jay Leslie, and he will be delivering the 50th Anniversary Hats to Mark and Nani on Wednesday of next week. This will give them a couple of days to sign and number them, and then Mike and I will make the trip down to the Los Angeles area to pick them up. So, we’ll have them in plenty of time to ship so that you have them in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, make sure you print off your wish list and leave them around in a conspicuous place so your loved ones will come across them. As usual, we have extra staff on hand to process your orders faster than ever and various shipping options to insure your package is delivered to you on time.

So let’s deck the halls and let the holidays begin. Back next week with photos, and possible video blog from our trip to Allakazam!’

Until next time,



One Response to “‘Tis the Season.”

  1. Leigh Sawyer Says:

    Paul, Desperately seeking lifesize carolers – where did you get them.

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