Two Weeks and Counting

Another week has flown by as we continually prepare for the Big Event, which is only 2 weeks away. We’re having to make room in our already vast warehouse and showroom. We’ll be setting up a mini-theater in our warehouse that will be able to accommodate an audience of around 130 people for each of the 4 lecturers booked. If you haven’t already reserved your space for the lectures, please do so soon as we are almost at capacity. The Swap Meet has no restrictions as far as attendance is concerned so no reservations are needed for the Swap Meet. Our last Swap Meet, we were able to accommodate over 300 people without issue. For those of you who have attended in the past, you know how much fun it can be. For you first-timers, be prepared for one of the most fun-filled and magic-packed days you’ve ever experienced. I’ve got a lot of surprises in store, not to mention some great free drawings, prizes, and more! And the best part: it’s all free! I really hope to see you here!

On the web site, you might have noticed Mike putting up a ton of Private Estate items. Almost as fast as he’s putting them up, they are sold. One of the most unique items we put up the close of business yesterday was a rare Okito Wrist Chopper, one of only two ever made!, and within a few hours, it found a new home to a very lucky collector. Just today, Mike put up a rare Gerlitz piece, and as I’m typing this, it just sold to another lucky collector. If you haven’t checked out the Private/Estate section, do yourself a favor and check it out to see some of the cool pieces we’ve obtained from this vast collection. If there’s something in particular you are looking for, give me a call at 800-407-4040 or 559-266-5150. I might just have it.

I’m really excited about a new product from our good friend, Joe Monti called 3 Card Joe. It is rare when a full-time pro like Joe releases one of their pet routines for the magic fraternity. First of all, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Joe perform this several times live, and the routine always kills! Joe has taken 25 years of trial and error to perfect and hone this routine to perfection, and he’s giving it to you! When you purchase the effect, you receive a special set of cards made entirely of plastic for durability, a DVD of Joe performing it in front of a live TV audience, and an step-by-step instructional DVD that covers every aspect of the routine! What’s really incredible about this, though, is the price! At only $112.00, it shocks me that he didn’t charge a whole lot more! This effect is suitable for any performer for any size group. This gets my highest recommendation as one of the best buys of this year. Check it out HERE for more information and demo video of the routine.

It’s always sad to say goodbye. Yesterday, the magic community lost one of the greats: Patrick Page. He was called a walking encyclopedia of magic. There was no facet of magic that he could not perform or talk about. I had the privilege of seeing Patrick perform 2 years ago at the Academy of Magical Arts Awards Banquet. The magic community has lost a great entertainer and creator. You will be missed, Patrick.

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, so guys, don’t forget your loved ones. Betty and I will celebrate tonight at our favorite restaurant in order to beat the crowds on Sunday. So however you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make it special and safe.

Until next time,



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