Paul Who?

Paul who?

I’m sure most of you know Paul has been out all week – this is so unusual we almost forgot what he looks like! Thank the magic stars we have his picture on the website to remind us.

Not only do we have Paul’s picture to remind us of his presence and how much we miss him [cue lip-smacking sound], but all week long we have been unpacking the great finds Betty and Paul discovered at the Magic Castle Swap Meet and we have received other items that are the result of Trade-ins.

Speaking of Trade-ins, the current issue of Magic Magazine which features our Trade-in Days ad is starting to be delivered and we are already receiving a ton of calls from people just like you who want to do trade-ins. This is a great deal…trade-in a magic effect that you no longer use and get store credit for new magic! Just email Paul at with a description of your item, the condition it is in, and does it come complete with instructions and he’ll get back to you. Don’t forget to include your name and phone number. We’re looking for mid-large size items and illusions; no DVDs, books, packet tricks, small items, etc.

Now you may not know this, but this is Paul’s very favorite part of the business: he loves first of all to find one-of-kind, unique, rare, vintage magic effects and illusions; then, he loves negotiating the price; and lastly, he gets to share his enthusiasm and offer them to you at what is usually a great bargain. UNLESS, it happens to be a very special piece that he keeps for his private collection. Such was the case this week when Tim Mannix delivered a John Gaughan Zig Zag. This Zig Zag was built for Mark and Nani Wilson and was used in their Las Vegas show. It is one of only three that were made; Paul has one, James Dimmare has one, and we don’t know who has the third. This piece is so special to Paul that he has left strict instructions that we are not allowed to touch it. Yes, you read correctly, we’re not allowed TO TOUCH IT! Remember when you were a child and you would put your finger so close to your brother/sister and then say, “I’m not touching you” [be sure to use a sing-song tone when saying this]…yes, we’ve been doing this all week. Don’t tell on us!

John Gaughan Zig Zag

We had a crazy busy week and we’re all looking forward to the weekend with family and friends. We’ll be back Monday all rested and refreshed which is a good thing because you-know-who will be back and ready to go. Hmm…maybe we should throw in one last surprise before Monday… I think I’ll go touch something.

Until next time,

Paul’s People


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