It started out as the flu, we thought, and ended up being a kidney stone. Ouch! However, we are happy to report that Paul’s kidney stone has now been zapped successfully by trained medical professionals in Fresno, CA (as opposed to magically vanishing it which was my suggestion); Paul is resting today and will return to the fold on Monday!

We thank you all for your patience during the last couple of weeks while Paul was under the weather. We were never sure when Paul would be in the office as it depended on how he was feeling. But, we did get used to the surprise inspections visits which were always so stressful special. It was especially difficult for Paul because he loves keeping us under his thumb his finger on the pulse of the business and knowing what is going on throughout the office industry. Paul loves this business and missed not being able to talk to our Hocus Pocus friends every day about magic. He really missed you all. He even called yesterday after the zapping to follow up on few things; now that is obsession dedication!

Earlier this week, Paul was here to welcome Jim Bentley who delivered some extra special magical effects and props. All of these items were built at Warner Bros. Studios for the play “Houdini.” Jim Bentley starred in the play which ran at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood in 2000 and was produced by Alan London. At the time, Jim worked at Warner Bros. as warm up for the TV series “Friends” and the use of the studio shops to produce the effects was done as a personal favor to Jim, a long time employee.

All the signs were made in the Warner Bros. sign shop. The play Houdini was written much like a feature film rather than play and, in a vaudevillian manner, the signs would be brought on stage to introduce the next segment of the show.

Replica of Houdini’s Famous Milk Can

The Milk Can was built specifically to Jim’s height of 5’8” so that it would have the same relative scale as shown in the famous picture of Houdini standing next to the original.

Metamorphosis Sub Trunk

Built at Warner Bros. Studios in the wood shop, the Metamorphosis Sub Trunk features a back-loader like Houdini’s original. It is over-sized to create the same illusion of proportion to Jim. This is larger than the original Houdini version. Blue Velvet Curtains have steel pipe and caster wheels. It frames out to height for both the milk can escape and the sub-trunk.

Thin Sawing in Half was originally used by Phil Temple. The outer boxes were used for the play Houdini as set dressing which is why they say Houdini.

Today we are working feverishly through Freaky Friday at Hocus Pocus, but it is spring for at least another week in Fresno and the weather is great so we will all be enjoying the outdoors this weekend. We hope your weekend is just as enjoyable. AND, we are really looking forward to next week and Paul’s return on what will go down in history as Manic Marvelous Monday.

Until next time,

Paul’s People


2 Responses to “Ouch!”

  1. Robert and I are so happy Paul is well!

  2. Eric Gumieney Says:

    Funny stuff! But I’ll be glad when Paul returns. He is one of my special magical friends and although his staff did a great job I did miss talking to Paul a lot.

    Welcome back Paul!

    All the best,


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