Greetings from the IBM Convention!

Betty and I arrived in San Diego on Wednesday looking forward to visiting with Mark and Nani Wilson and celebrating their 50 Years in Magic; it is so nice to be able to celebrate this great achievement with our close friends Mark and Nani. You know, just being at the IBM Convention is a wonderful thing and to top it off we get to visit with so many of our “magic” friends.

Betty and I having lunch with Steve Dick, Tim Mannix, Jay Leslie, Tom O'Lenick


Me with Silly Billy and a "few" of my purchases

Not only are we at IBM to visit friends, but we came on a mission to find unique, exciting props and tricks for our Hocus Pocus customers (and maybe a couple of things for my private collection…don’t tell Betty I said that). And, have we been successful…we’re going to have to rent a truck to get everything back to Fresno!

We came across one performer’s booth and bought the most fantastic items for Children’s shows. I’m telling you…things I have never seen before in my life, all of them one-of-a-kind, custom made in England. I am so excited to get all of our finds back to Fresno and on the website. We will be adding new items every day next week.

Sorry, I have to say good-bye because I just spotted some props I need to check out…

Until next time,



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