What a Great Time!

We had a GREAT time at the IBM Convention in San Diego!

First, on Wednesday night Mark and Nani Wilson were honored for their 50th Anniversary in the magic business with a special tribute show. The show was headlined by their son, Greg, who performed many of Mark and Nani’s original illusions from the Magic Land of Alakazam and the Magic Circus shows. Not only did Greg perform the illusions, but he used the original music, choreography, and costumes!

Nani and Mark Wilson with their 50th Anniversary Award

It was so great and so touching to see the son perform his father’s classic illusions. The highlight for me was when Greg performed the Robot Girl illusion; this was the first time in many, many years this illusion has been performed.  The show started with Greg producing Mark and Nani from a cabinet and then he went back and produced his older brother, Mike, from the same cabinet! It was great to see this show and others, but it was also so nice to be with Mark and Nani at their booth; meeting and greeting their many fans and friends.

Before you knew it, it was after 11 and we had a little time before midnight (that’s right – the dealer’s room is open till midnight) to scour the dealer rooms for special items. There were several dealers with antique and hard to find magic.

I had so much fun with David Kaye aka Silly Billy as we were going after the same effects – we both had a hey-day in one booth with , and I’m not exaggerating, at least 1000 vintage Children’s effects!!!

Looking at effects with Silly Billy

One of the highlights of being at the IBM convention is that we get to attend all the events AND meet many of our customers, as well as see a lot of old friends.

Thursday attended the public show emceed by Jeff Hobson who in my honest opinion stole the show! He is beyond hilarious and if you ever have the chance to see him perform don’t miss it!

Nani Wilson and Irene Larsen

Jay Leslie


Norm and Lupe Neilsen

Mark Mason

Joshua Jay and Gregory Wilson

Gwen and Dick Barry



with Tim Mannix


Betty and I with Sue and Greg Britt - our good friends and customers from New Zealand

Dean Dill

with Nani and Mark Wilson and their son Mike

Lonnie Frankel and Chuck Kirshner

One of my favorite finds - Grants Bowl on a Pole

with Ken Robinson of Nova Scotia and his wife


After a long weekend at the Convention, we headed home and have been listing our finds on the website all week long!!!

Then, we got a HUGE lot of magic consigned to us earlier this week. One of the jewels in the crown of the consignments was the Robert Houdin Mystery Clock – it is so rare to see something like this on the market. So rare, in fact, it sold within eight hours of being put on the website and was off the market again! I am so lucky to be surrounded by things I love, even if only temporarily. I hope you enjoy your magic as much as I enjoy mine!

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



One Response to “What a Great Time!”

  1. Ken Robinson Says:

    Realy enjoyed the pictures and follow-up, re IBM convention. I and my wife were pleased to see and meet you both and were impressed with the included photo. Your a pleasure to do business with and look forward ro many more years of great magic from Hocus Pocus. Best Personal Regards Ken & Pauline Robinson…

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