A Whirlwind Week!

I know I start so many of my blogs saying, “This has been a great week”, but really, this week has been so great.

We have received hundreds of new Private Estate items this week, which, as you all know, is my passion. My good friends, Tim Mannix and Steve Dick, were both here helping me to unpack, catalog, write copy, and photograph these new acquisitions for the website. It’s Friday afternoon and we are still not finished, but what has gone on the website this week has been just so exciting. We squealed with delight (seriously…absolute delight) when we opened one random box and there it was…a Collector’s Workshop Book of Spells. The Book of Spells is so rare, I’ve only ever seen one once before in my lifetime, and this one is signed by both Nick Ruggiero and Rich Block! It almost pains me to know that it will only be here for a short time. We have added about 25 items every day and half of them sell before the next day begins.

As much as I love the Private Estate vintage and antique items, this was not even the best part of the week.

Another high point of this great week was yesterday when Mike Wilson, Mark and Nani’s son, drove up to Fresno from Los Angeles to deliver a new shipment of 50th Anniversary Allakazam Wands. It was really nice of Mike to do this and I really appreciated it, but that was only the second best thing to happen during this great week.

The REALLY SPECIAL, GINORMOUS HIGHLIGHT OF THE ENTIRE WEEK, maybe of the ENTIRE FALL of 2010, was the surprise package that Mike brought with him.

Mark and Nani sent me a beautifully framed and matted, original “special offer” advertisement display from 1965. Sunbeam sponsored the Magic Land of Allakazam and this special offer: you went to the store where you got a coupon to mail in for a poster of Rebo the Clown. After you received the Rebo poster, which came with a packet of gold stars, you would put a gold star on Rebo’s clown suit every day when you brushed your teeth. At the end of 30 days, when all the gold stars were now pasted to the Rebo poster, you signed it, had your parents sign it certifying that you had, in fact, brushed your teeth and then you mailed it in to receive an autographed picture of the entire “Magic Land of Allakazam” cast plus the “Secrets to 7 Magic Tricks” FREE! I was speechless and even choked up when I saw this framed memorabilia that is so special to me; it is the only one of its kind and it even has the original coupons attached! Now you can understand why I was so thrilled to receive this, so overwhelmed to be the recipient of Mark and Nani’s generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you to my very dear and special friends Mark, Nani, Mike, and Greg Wilson.

Life is beautiful.

Until next time,



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