Ho Ho Ho!

We’re definitely in the spirit here at Hocus Pocus! Check out the cool reindeer antlers and Rudolph nose my son got me for my car! I saw these last year and looked all over the place this year but couldn’t find them anywhere! Leave it to my son Max, however, to go on the hunt and come back with a successful find! Ever since I’ve put them on my car, I’ve had people wave, laugh, point, and little kids just stare. I love it!

I can’t thank you enough for keeping us on our toes as we’ve been busier than ever this year. In fact, it’s shaping up to be the busiest holiday season we’ve ever had here at Hocus Pocus. Just like last year, we’ve had to have multiple pick-ups and deliveries from UPS, Fed-Ex, and the post office! We have even arranged special early morning deliveries during the entire month of December from UPS just so we can get your orders out the door quicker in order to make sure it arrives on time for you! And it really helps! If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, there’s still time and we can still offer you expedited delivery on all in-stock items.

For almost a month, we knew about a particular new product hitting the masses called Cup Zero. We were sworn to secrecy and were not allowed to advertise it on our web site until yesterday, December 15th, even though we had them sitting in our warehouse. It was driving me crazy because I knew once we made it available, it would be a huge hit! In case you don’t know about this product, Cup Zero is the latest offering from our pals at Twister Magic, and it has been flying out the door in record numbers! This is the perfect last-minute Christmas gift or stocking stuffer (hint, hint) so do yourself a favor and check it out along with the online video HERE!

Speaking of stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, Betty and I are almost done with our shopping. A few more small gifts, and we’re all finished! We spent last night wrapping everything up and putting them under the tree. This year, we’ve had to put a puppy gate up in order to keep Buster, our 8 month-old French Bulldog away from the tree. Each day when we come home, we are surprised at what mischief he’s gotten himself into. We know that if he could get anywhere near that darned tree, he’d have every gift opened and then some… It’s a good thing he’s so cute, otherwise he’d be in big, big trouble.

So, starting tomorrow, it’s seven days and counting until Christmas Eve. Wow, has this month gone by fast!

Until next time,



One Response to “Ho Ho Ho!”

  1. Dear Paul,
    some weeks ago i ordered time travel manual,as yet i have not received it.could you please check this out,as we come up to christmas post gets very busy.all the best tony.

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