Merry Christmas!

It’s been quite a week as we near the big day. Lots of packages going out and still shipping many last-minute gift-givers’ orders overnight! This week also brought a very nice visit from Mark and Nani Wilson’s son, Greg and his wife Ayako. They were kind enough to personally deliver another batch of the 50th Anniversary Allakazam Wands. And while they were here, they also brought a set of the puppets from the Burger King Magic Show. Many of you may not know that Mark Wilson was responsible for the Magical Burger King character and designed an entire franchised magic and puppet show, which toured throughout the United States. He even personally trained and taught the actors who portrayed the Magical Burger King. As Greg was going through the vast Allakazam warehouse, he found a few sets of these very rare puppets.

Greg, Ayako, and me with the Magical Burger King characters

The Wizard and Burger Queen

Each of the puppets were created by famed puppetry artist, Renee and now are a highly sought-after collectible. If you check out the picture, you can see the detail and highly expressive features on each puppet. Now here’s some exciting news: Mark and Nani have decided to part with a few sets. That means that if you are interested, you should contact me as soon as possible for all the details. I can tell you this: I know where one set is going to go! (Betty, that’s a hint for perhaps an early Christmas present.)

Speaking of Christmas, tomorrow, Christmas Eve, we’ll close early and go to my mother in-law’s house as I do every year where we’ll have a HUGE buffet of every kind of food you can think of, we’ll exchange gifts, and later in the evening, we’ll go to my aunt’s house and do the very same thing. On the way home, Betty and I will drive through a special section of town known for its lights displays. Then, it’s home and off to bed to get ready for Christmas Day. In the morning, all my kids will join us for gift-giving and we’ll have our traditional Christmas lunch. We’ll of course watch “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and spend the rest of the day together.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued friendship and support. You have made this year one of our best, and I am truly thankful for that. So please enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.


Before I go, I want to share this great Allakazam Christmas wish with all of you.

On behalf of myself, my family, and the entire staff of Hocus Pocus, we wish you the happiest of holidays.

Until next time,



One Response to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Steve Thomas Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your postings. I always enjoy reading them. Merry Chrsitmas to you and your family.

    Best wishes,
    Steve Thomas, New Hampshire

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