It’s The Little Things

They say that it’s the little things in life that mean the most. This week, it has proven to be true. You might remember a couple of weeks ago, I admitted to being a geek about the Green Hornet. Little did I know so many of you out there were as fanatic as I was about him. I began receiving emails and phone calls and one of you even challenged me to Green Hornet trivia (which I won). So imagine how excited I was when I received in the mail a vintage Green Hornet lunch box! It brought back all those childhood memories again. I even had this exact same lunch box as a kid. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, yesterday, our good friend Robert Garcia came in and gave me a Green Hornet Black Beauty key chain! It doesn’t get better than that!

This week brought several new exciting products here at Hocus Pocus. First of all, the long-awaited Mother of All Book Tests 2.0 is finally ready! Our first shipment will be here the beginning of next week and all pre-orders will be shipped immediately. If you haven’t already ordered yours, check out the special offer we have valid until Tuesday at midnight HERE!

Devin Knight called Monday to let us know that his new manuscript, Retro-Gravity, was available. In case you haven’t heard, this has been the hot topic on various magic chat boards. After 2 years, Devin has finally decided to release it to the magic fraternity. We were especially excited that he granted Hocus Pocus the first dibs to be able to offer it to you! Check it out HERE!

Frank Velasco and Bob Klase have collaborated to produce their new effect, TimeGate. Here’s the effect: Claiming that he uses time travel rather than sleight of hand to perform magic, the magician offers a demonstration.  A card is selected, signed by a spectator and placed into the TimeGate.  The magician steps a few seconds into the future, removes the card from his future-hands and replaces it in the deck.  He returns to the present and a few seconds later (when the future arrives) the card visibly vanishes from his hands and is found face up in the deck.

Next, the performer offers to demonstrate that he can also travel into the past and change history.  A blue-backed duplicate of the spectator’s (red-backed) signed card is removed from a blue-back deck.  The front and back of the card is freely shown to be blue and the card is placed the table.  The spectator’s signed selection is again held in the TimeGate as the performer steps into the past.  Instantly the signed red back card visibly changes to a blue back (still signed) and may be immediately given to the spectator.  The unsigned card on the table is then shown to have a red back and both cards may be freely examined and even kept by the spectator.

TimeGate includes the gimmick which allows the vanish and color change (this gimmick has been around for many years in different forms and will last for hundreds of performances) plus everything needed to create the transposition of back colors except for two decks of Bicycle back cards (one red and one blue).  The updated handling and a time travel theme create a visually stunning effect.  It’s available in red-back Bicycle cards but any cards may be used to easily construct a new gimmick to be used other backs, faces and/ or brands of cards.  The instructions (DVD) includes the time travel (or TimeGate) presentation which may be easily adapted to a presentation that fits you and your character.

We thank Frank and Bob for granting Hocus Pocus the exclusive on this close-up mind-bender, and you can pre-order yours and get free shipping HERE!

Last but not least comes this great new twist on an old classic! Michael Mosher has created what I think is the best Topsy-Turvy Bottles set to date! Using REAL filled cola bottles, these can even be handed out for examination at the end of the routine with the help of a new style gimmick! Whether it’s children or adults you work for, I can’t recommend this one highly enough! Now that I have your attention, check them out right HERE!


This week marked the passing of yet another great performer and creator, Pavel. We were very lucky to have had Pavel lecture for us on three separate occasions. Always a gentleman and extremely creative, Pavel’s talent will be sorely missed.

We’re only a few days away from Valentine’s Day, so let’s not forget our husbands, wives, and significant others. Remember, they are the most important people in our lives. In fact, instead of just celebrating it on Monday, why not make it a Valentine’s Day Weekend? You know, that doesn’t sound so bad; I think I’ll go get Betty and start celebrating right away!

Until next time,



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