Last week I told you, “It’s Coming”. This week it has arrived and what’s more is I have had more than one great arrival this week.

The Next Generation

In the magic business using the term, “The Next Generation”, implies a new introduction, with enhancements and improvements, and usually new packaging. And, “The Next Generation” can be used in many other industries also (think communications, internet, etc.), but for me, when you say The Next Generation it can mean only one thing:

 My GRANDSON, Zachary Paul, was born yesterday to my daughter Renee and her husband Jonathan. Yes, Betty and I are grandparents and the all is right with the world!

Zachary Paul

The Other Great Arrival

 Now, because this is a blog connected to a Magic Shop, I will share with you the other great arrivals this week. Hocus Pocus received the largest single Private Estate acquisition in our history. We are working with the estate of the late James Robinson to sell his magic collection. And, WHAT A COLLECTION IT IS! I’m overwhelmed, Betty is overwhelmed, the entire team is overwhelmed, and my friends from the local magic community who are helping sort through the thousands of items are overwhelmed! I always say “seeing is believing” and I have to tell you that I am truly seeing things that I only ever dreamed about seeing! Kid in a candy store can’t even begin to describe what it is like around here; maybe a kid in 3,000 candy stores all at the same time, at Disneyland, on Christmas morning, with every gift you’ve ever wanted and Santa is at the breakfast table with you. That good! It is going to take us weeks to get it all online, but we will work diligently to get it all done. If you have any requests, give us a call at 800-407-4040 or drop us an email at and we’ll try to locate the item that you’ve been craving.

Unloading the truck. Thank you Nate, Kyle, and Frank!

Boxes and boxes and more boxes.

Magic "candy"

A few of the more than 1000 books!

It’s like a magic bomb exploded! Wacko, Buster Balloon, and friend drove up from Hollywood to “inspect” the acquisitions.

Until next time,




3 Responses to “Arrivals!”

  1. frank collins Says:

    Hello Paul & Betty welcome to the “Grandparent” club.
    It’s a great club to be in. I’ve been in the club for 2 years now.
    All the fun of having a child minus the chores.
    The hard part now is what you want to be called.
    Isn’t 55 to young to be called Grandpa?

    Frank C.

  2. Steve Thomas Says:

    Great news for you and Betty on the new arrival. You’ll make wonderful grandparents! The little guy looks wonderful.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Thomas

  3. Ken Robinson Says:

    Congratulations on becoming Granpa and Grandma it is truly a wonderful experience,,, I know as I have 10 of them and love them dearly. I look with wonderment at the Robinson magic you are listing and will be back in Canada march 8th and trust there will be some left for me. Best Personal Regards; Ken Robinson…

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