Houdini at 137 and more…

Happy Birthday, Houdini

Houdini is The Man…we all know this, but what made him the man? Was it the fact that he was one more immigrant to America that realized his dream (as so many of our families have done); or maybe, because he ran away from home intending to join the circus (every boy’s dream adventure); or that he paid tribute to the great Robert-Houdin by adding the “i” and creating Houdini (and what a trend in professional names that sparked). It is all of the above and so much more; long gone and still the number one recognizable magician of all time. Houdini was an accomplished athlete, performer, master showman and promoter.  Ask anyone to name a magician and the first word is Houdini. Quite an accomplishment!  So with that we would like to say Happy 137th Birthday, Houdini.



Calling For Back-up

We’re continuing to work on the James Robinson estate books and effects. It is such a daunting task that we have hired an extra person to just input books (we’re still working on the hardbound books!); my good friend Tim Mannix arrives on Monday to sort through more magic tricks and effects; and Bill Goodwin, the Magic Castle Librarian, is arriving this week to help us with all the pamphlets, magazines, and other printed materials. This is going to take months to get through the Robinson estate, what a collection! Continue watching the website as we continue to update it hourly. Read about the books…

Just SOME of the hardbound books!


 Something Fishy is Going On!

We see a lot of magic effects come through the showroom and warehouse and I still get excited when one of them just grabs me and won’t let me let go of it. This is how I feel about Dick Barry’s Fish in a Bottle because the magic happens close up in the spectator’s hand. As fast as Dick is making these, we’re shipping them out! Read more…

Hey, if you’re in the Bakersfield, CA area you should check out 2nd Monday Magic at The Intimate Theatre & Music Hall. Ron Saylor has a great line-up of talent performing magic every (yes, you guessed it) second Monday of the month through the summer. For more information call 661.809.4826 or 661.323.1976.

Time for Some R&R

It is a great understatement to say we have been burning the candle at both ends for the last few weeks. So, Betty and I are escaping the magic shop, the acquisitions, and the computers and looking forward to going to the San Mateo Garden Show this weekend. We are so excited about our little escape; we will fill Saturday feasting on the beauty of the garden and then have dinner with our son, Cole, Saturday night.  Sigh…I’m relaxing already.

Until next time,



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