Pajamas, Shoes and Spring

The Magic Pajamas

Yes, there is such a thing as Magic Pajamas. Just ask my daughter, Renee, and my two month old grandson, Zachary. Anyone who has ever been around children knows that two month old babies don’t sleep very much and Zachary is good for about two hours sleep at a time…that is until now.  Included in an Easter Basket that Betty and I put together for Zachary was a pair of pajamas. These aren’t just any pajamas, they are Magic Pajamas. What’s the magic you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Since he started wearing the Magic Pajamas last Sunday, Zachary has slept through the night…eight hours…every night. Renee is now on a mission to buy all sizes and colors of the Magic Pajamas! Hocus Pocus delivers the magic once again (although it would have been nice to deliver this bit of magic when my kids were babies)!

Zachary and his Magic Pajamas


Thursday we welcomed our good friend and magician, Norberto Jansenson, to Hocus Pocus. We just ran in to Norberto at the Magic Castle, where he was performing last week, and now he’s here. It is always great to have visitors and this was no exception. We’re working on another great soon-to-be-released effect with Norberto. I guarantee you’re going to want to get in on this right away…stay tuned, it will be released in the next 30 days.

Norberto and Paul working out the details for the new effect

There’s No Business Like Shoe Business

We just received this new item, Shoe Business, it is unbelievable; Scott Alexander and Puck have outdone themselves. I am stating for the record, that if I were still performing magic, Shoe Business would be in my act. You know I don’t make that claim very often, in fact, really never, but this is just that good. We received stock today and it is hysterically funny. Click here to watch the video

Spring is in the Air

We are very lucky because it is springtime in Fresno and I can’t wait to work in the garden this weekend. Although so much is already in bloom, I will be planting flowers like a madman. I love working in the garden, it is so good for the soul, so calming and relaxing; I recommend it as a hobby to everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

Until next time,



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