Illusions, Pizza, Kangaroos and Mom

It’s Not an Illusion

I received a phone call this week asking if we carried any Illusions. Yes, you read correctly; someone asking ME if I carried any illusions. After answering the customer that, yes, we do have some Illusions; I got to thinking about some of the great Illusions surrounding me in the showroom. We have had to expand our warehouse space because of the number of illusions we have…it is now 20,000 square feet of space! My aunt calls the showroom just a larger version of my bedroom when I was a kid! It’s been a while since we updated the video of the showroom so I thought some pictures were in order. Some of these Illusions you don’t see on the market very often so I thought I could share a few with you…


 Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our Illusions!

Pizza Eating Contest

Winning! Yes, our family is full of winners! Our son, Cole, broke the pizza eating record at his office by eating 2 and 3/4 pounds of extra cheese extra pepperoni pizza in 8 minutes. There were 11 competitors, three women and eight men.  Cole earned 1st place by 1/2 an ounce; it was an extremely close competition, but Cole is now the two year champ with the company record. 🙂 One of Cole’s female co-workers earned 4th place overall beating five guys and making Cole’s department the unanimous champs.  It’s a little overwhelming (and maybe I could say “gross”) to think of eating that much pizza, but it is a pretty fun way to blow off steam after tax season at an accounting firm.

Cole, The Champ, is in the upper right hand side of this photo

Childhood Fantasies

Over the years I’ve shared a few stories of being able to fulfill my childhood fantasies; being a magician, having Mark and Nani Wilson in my life, and getting to wear suede shoes whenever I want (which is every day, by the way, accept during the summer) just to name a few. This week I’m fulfilling one more childhood fantasy. When I was a kid, all the grocery stores had these coin operated kiddie rides in front of the store; for twenty-five cents you could ride the animal, the car, and the airplane, whatever. I dreamt of having one of these kiddie rides at home. Life would just be great if I could only have one. WELL, guess what I found the other day and is now in transit to the warehouse. A Kangaroo Kiddie Ride! I know it’s a little early to be buying this for my grandson Zachary, he is, after all, only two months old and he can’t even sit up let alone hold on, but it will be here this week and it will be ready when he is…

Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. I am looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with Betty and this is my daughter Renee’s first Mothers Day! Let’s all take a moment in honor of all the mothers who have put up with sons and daughters (or husbands) in the world of magic, we know they are a special lot.

Until next time,



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