Happy Fourth of July!

How’s the Weather Out There?

This has been the craziest spring and now summer weather, really everywhere around the world, and Fresno has been no exception. On Wednesday it was rainy and 75 degrees for the high temperature (57 degrees was the low) and this weekend it’s going to be 107 degrees. This is one of the reasons we’re all crazy around here. Of course, the craziness has nothing to do with being in this crazy, but wonderful, magic business.

Abbott’s Super Duper Balloon

Tim Mannix is at Hocus Pocus this week (again!) helping me sort through yet another estate acquisition for our Private Estate collection.  We came across one of my absolute favorites from childhood, an Abbott’s Super Duper Balloon. WOW!!! Seriously, boxes arrive at Hocus Pocus everyday with treasures from my childhood; I wish I could keep them all, but I can’t. However, I do enjoy the temporary possession. I dreamt of owning the Super Duper Balloon when I was a child and now I have it. AND, it’s not for sale. Really.  I’m not sure who enjoyed playing with it more, me or Tim. You be the judge. (Please, this is NOT a professional production; not that you would mistake it for one…)


The Mayne Man

This week we were so excited to host a lecture by Andrew Mayne. Andrew has a very long list of effects that he has developed that are so ingenious and so creative and he shared some of his favorites with the attendees at this week’s lecture. He kept us captivated for almost three hours as he shared his effects and the thought processes that went into the development, performance and marketing of them. Not to mention several anecdotes from his very interesting and entertaining life. One of the greatest props he showed was his new Sword Basket that you can build for LESS than $60!!! The plans will be available in the next couple of weeks. Did I say genius?


Andrew Mayne with his Sword Basket at Hocus Pocus




Andrew Mayne and Paul...negotiating?





Andrew Mayne riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus...no one can resist the Kangaroo


 Magic Live

The boxes are getting fuller and fuller. I can’t possibly bring everything I want to bring. Maybe I should rent a second truck. Or, a third truck. I could probably use more space. You know I can only be talking about one thing…Magic Live in Las Vegas (August 14-17). Stop by the Hocus Pocus booth to see demonstrations and just to visit. I would love to meet you!



Betty and I are taking a long weekend for the Independence Day holiday.  We have four glorious days to indulge in relaxation and some of our favorite pastimes. We are visiting our favorite coastal nursery and restaurant for the day (which will be a nice break from the 100 degree days in Fresno) and spending time at home.  We will spend the Fourth in neighboring Fowler, CA where we do every year, because small towns always have the best celebrations. I love family traditions and this is one of my favorites.  Here’s to Independence Day(s) around the world!


Happy Fourth of July!



Until next time,



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