Excitement! Introductions! Live!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday. Betty and I had a great weekend. We beat the heat with a trip over to the coast, one of our very favorite places. We visited some of our favorite stores and garden shops and enjoyed a very nice and very relaxing lunch with some friends who are vacationing on the Central Coast. After lunch, we discovered yet another great garden shop in Cambria. If you’re ever on the Central Coast of California, you should visit Cambria; it is a charming little town, with great restaurants and now a great garden shop. Tell them Paul sent you!

It was nice having a long weekend because we were well rested for this busy and hectic week. It was just non-stop all week long with customers visiting, new product arriving and the shipping department never slowed down. I don’t think we’ve ever experienced a week where we shipped so much of a single item. Slomotion and Omega Exchange are hot (almost hotter than our weather) and the chat boards are full of buzz about them. We can practically pack them blindfolded because we’ve shipped so many of them! I love these items personally and it’s gratifying to see that our customers love them, also.

New and Exciting

I want to share with you a couple of hilariously entertaining effects we put on the website this week, Elephant in the Room by Frontier Magic and the Pop Gun by Smoky Mountain Magic. Just for laughs, take a look at this…



This coming week we will release the first effect developed in partnership with Jansenson. Watch the website for more information. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but if you’re at Magic Live! in Las Vegas, stop by our booth to see Jansenson performing this very special effect. We will also be demonstrating Slomotion and Omega Exchange.


Coming soon...


Speaking of Magic Live…

We’re still selecting what product to bring to Magic Live and I am sure I will not stop picking and packing until the truck pulls out of the parking lot on the way to Las Vegas on August 12. It is just so difficult to edit…I want to bring everything! However, one of the best surprises at our booth will not be anything I bring with me.  I had a phone conversation yesterday and I’m so excited to share with you that Mark and Nani Wilson will be at Magic Live and they will be at our booth! This is a great opportunity to meet with Mark and Nani, they are superstars in the magic world and they would love to meet and chat with you. Please stop by the booth for this very special chance to meet Magic Royalty!


Nani and Mark Wilson and their 50th Anniversary of Allakazam Program


Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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