The Countdown Has Started


The countdown is on…only two weeks till we head to Vegas for MAGIC Live! It’s getting down to the wire and we’re making our final decisions on product assortment. We now have an entire section of the Hocus Pocus warehouse dedicated to MAGIC Live! and I still want to add more! We already have a huge booth, but it’s looking a little small when I see everything we’re bringing.

Since we’re an internet based business, I don’t get a lot of face-to-face interaction with our customers, so I am very excited about seeing everyone at MAGIC Live! We’ve scheduled a lot of product demonstrations and I can’t wait to see actual reactions to some of these effects. I know I’m excited about them, but it will be good to get your reactions, too.

We’ve also been let in on some of the events that are scheduled for MAGIC Live and this convention is really going to be BIG and the BEST! We hope to see you there!

Jon Allen Lecture

Over the years we have hosted hundreds of lectures. They have all been great, but some are exceptional. This week we had one of those exceptional lectures, one of the absolute best lectures I have ever seen. Jon Allen wowed the audience Monday night for over three hours with routines, techniques and storytelling. The time flew by because Jon had us so totally engaged in his lecture. Explaining the thought process that led to the development of his effects and routines enhanced the lecture that much more. Seriously, everyone loved Jon’s lecture so much, they didn’t want to leave. Jon very graciously stayed late to talk to everyone and didn’t leave until the last person was gone.

Jon Allen with audience members at Hocus Pocus


The Autograph Board

Do you remember having an autograph book when you were a kid? You would have all your friends and family sign it and then do nothing with it. Today, there are frames where the matting around the picture is huge allowing a lot of space for autographs; this is a great way to commemorate a special occasion. But me, I have an autograph BOARD. My autograph board is 6 feet tall. Yes, you read that correctly; 6 FEET TALL! One of the best things about hosting lectures (other than the lecture itself) is having the opportunity to meet these great performers in person. So, to commemorate meeting these great performers, I have them sign the autograph board. It is definitely one of my treasured possessions. I’ll show it to you next time you’re at Hocus Pocus.

Paul having Jon Allen sign the Autograph Board at Hocus Pocus



The Autograph Board at Hocus Pocus



All Work and No Play? No Way!

Even though Jon Allen’s lecture was over three hours long and the audience members stayed even longer, we did have a little time for some fun…

Will the real Green Hornet please step forward!


Jon Allen riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus


Summer is back! We’re in to triple digit weather…over 100 degrees for the next several days. I’m afraid we’re making up for having all those days under 90 degrees at the beginning of the month. It looks like the weekend here will be better spent indoors, but I don’t think I can stay out of garden for two whole days. I’ll let you know how it worked out next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time,



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