The Final Countdown

It’s the Final Countdown

We are at one week until MAGIC Live and one week from today we will be all packed up and heading out to Las Vegas. Until then, though, we have a ton of work ahead of us.

My very good friend (and I mean really, really good friend because only a really good friend would do this), Tim Mannix, arrives on Sunday to help with the absolute; no more changes; final quantity; it doesn’t matter how much I like it; it doesn’t matter how much will fit in the van; I can’t add any more items; selecting, pricing and packing.  It will take all week to get this done and I could never do it without Tim’s help. Thank you, Tim!

I am receiving phone calls every day from friends and customers wanting to know if I will be a MAGIC Live and what we’re bringing. I’ve had requests for Walt Noon Flea Circus (more than one!), Slomotion, Collector’s Workshop and Owen Magic Supreme items. We’re bringing them all and more! AND, we have a very FULL SCHEDULE of LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS to entertain you. We hope to see you all there. My excitement for MAGIC Live keeps building everyday…I cannot wait to get to Las Vegas.



This week we introduced our newest effect by Jansenson, The Alchemist, produced and distributed EXCLUSIVELY by Hocus Pocus. The Alchemist is a mentalism routine using a jumbo deck of cards. You will be able to shuffle the deck and give it to a member of the audience to shuffle it, and after the shuffle you will be able to use the deck to divine cards, call out cards and weigh cards or whatever you want or can come up with. We repeat: AFTER an audience member’s riffle SHUFFLING.

Take a look at Jansenson performing The Alchemist  read more…


Full Circle

This week we saw our son, Cole, move back to Fresno from the Bay Area; we thought he would be in the Bay for quite some time, but that isn’t the case anymore. He and his fiancé, Amanda, have both relocated back to Fresno with great new jobs in their chosen professions. The warehouse has now become a storage facility while they wait for their new house to be ready.  It looks like they’re back for a while and Betty and I couldn’t be happier.

Test Drive

My grandson, Zachary, visited the Shop today (Renee, his mother and my daughter, brought him) to take a test ride on his Kangaroo since he wasn’t able to sit up on his own the last time he took the Kangaroo for a spin.

Zachary riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus with Grandpa Paul looking on...


Life is beautiful! Have great  weekend.

Until next time,



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