The Dust Has Finally Settled

After a great time at MAGIC Live we’re finally back home, unpacked and settled into our normal, daily routines.

MAGIC Live is the BEST magic convention around. Betty and I so enjoyed ourselves the entire time; it was just great to see so many old friends and make new ones. Thanks to Stan Allen and Kristee Watson who go the extra mile to make this a truly one-of-a-kind event. The events and entertainment are exceptional, the museum of magic they put together was dazzling, and the dealer’s room was great (thank you, Kristee, because I know you took care of us dealers!). I seriously CANNOT WAIT until the next MAGIC Live!

I have a few “magical” moments I would like to share with you.

 First, the museum…


This is the Death Saw from the David Copperfield show



Props from the Lance Burton show


From the Siegfried and Roy Show




The famous Hand Machine


The Half Humanoid used by Mark & Nani Wilson in trade shows




These are magic effects made completely of toothpicks


Second, a treasure I brought home; you can see the Levitation Automaton on our website…


Next, just because these were exciting moments and I like the photos…

Cyril at the Hocus Pocus booth to see Slomotion demonstrated!


Jeff McBride and Tim Mannix


Another great thing about MAGIC Live was that our booth was next to Mark and Nani Wilson’s booth.  We all know Mark and Nani are icons in the world of magic, but it was just so amazing to see ALL the people crowding around them. So many of us were inspired and motivated by Mark and Nani and The Magic Land of Allakazam and you could tell that the MAGIC Live attendees were thrilled to meet Mark and Nani and take pictures with them; they were lined up for autographs! The entire Wilson family attended MAGIC Live so we got to spend time with them all. It was just another great big plus to the whole MAGIC Live convention! 


Mark & Nani Wilson with their entire family and the original Train Sawing in Half


Betty and I are looking forward to enjoying the weekend for a bit of rest and relaxation. Please enjoy yours, also.

Until next time,



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