Happy Birthday!

As you all know by now, this is Paul’s birthday week, and because it is his birthday he’s taking the day off.  We couldn’t be happier for him (of course, taking the day off during the Boss’ Big Birthday Bash Blowout Sale with tons of orders coming in to process and ship out is no problem). Just kidding…everyone deserves a day off for their birthday.

Paul and Betty will be back next week when Paul will share photos of his holiday weekend. Yes, we mean the ever important Birthday Holiday, as opposed to the Labor Day holiday that the rest of the U.S.  is celebrating this weekend.

Paul has received hundreds of birthday wishes by phone, email and Facebook.  It has been pretty amazing seeing all the good wishes from people all over the world. Some are clever, some are sentimental and some just made us laugh. We thought we’d share a few with you:

“Happy Birthday, Paul. May the magic you offer to others, bring you peace and
happiness knowing that you are contributing to the laughter and mystery in the
magical community.”

“Happy Birthday!”

Feliz cumpleaños Paul… 🙂

Bon anniversaire!! 😀

“Hey Happy Birthday Paul!!! I hope you had a good one today, all the best!!!!”

Happy birthday Paul. Can’t wait to see the sale when you’re 101. You’ll have to pay us to take the tricks 😉

Happy B’Day Paul! May you spend it surrounded by love!

Happy Birthday Paul…do we get a percent discount for every year you are old? Be blessed!

Happy birthday,Paul,have it nice..Eric from Belgium

happy birthday from Mexico…

Wishing you bright rainbows of joy, wild waters of wonder, deep forests of discovery, and rich moments to delight your heart all year long! Happy birthday, Paul!

 Happy birthday dad!!! Zachary Says happy birthday grandpa!


I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given [us]. I hope that your birthday is as perfect as can be… and that you and Betty have the time of your life…. and cake! Can’t forget the cake!!



HB on FB from TC!

Happy Happy Paul !!!! A big hello from Chile !

Happy Birthday! Remember, you have to grow old – you do NOT have to grow up! Oh, and be sure and lick the spoon! (the kids out there won’t get the reference, but we old dogs do! ) 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday Skinny!! I hope all is well…this should make you feel good…in the last 14 days I passed 34 kidney stones…wooohooo!

Happy Birthday from Serbia !!!

Hi Paul, Have a nice Day, From Buenos Aires Argentina

Joyeux anniversaire from France !


All the way from Hotlanta, GA [we] wish you the merriest of a birthday! May you get to fly on that magic carpet of life!

Magical Birthday greetings to you coming all the way from Manila, Philippines!!!

Best wishes delivered to you instantly from Indonesia on your special day. Happy Birthday Paul. Regards


And, we would like to wish everyone out there a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, too, and whenever you celebrate your special day, celebrate it BIG! (and with magic!).

For those of you in the U.S., enjoy the Labor Day weekend. We’ll see you Tuesday.

Until next time,

Paul’s People


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Ken Robinson Says:

    Have a GREAT day Paul. If you lived closer to Nova Scotia I would send you a big feed of the best lobster in the world. The C.W. snake arrived yesterday, ohhh !! what magic. Best Regards Ken R…

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Portugal !

  3. I can’t keep track of my own birthday so I guess I missed yours.
    Anyway, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!

  4. OK Paul…. enjoy your special magic birthday and have a wonderful time with Betty. I try to remember this day next year and send you something special from Germany to enjoy…

    all the best and always take care, because the magic is nothing without you and hocus-pocus.

    Frank Katzmarek

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