A Smart Man

A smart man once said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

That smart man could be talking about me and hopefully you. I sit in my office everyday and am sometimes overwhelmed with all the magic effects and illusions surrounding me (and the fact that they’re surrounding me). The view from my office is the showroom, THE HOCUS POCUS SHOWROOM, which is filled with the coolest magic items on earth (if you don’t count Nani and Mark Wilson’s warehouse in Valencia, CA). I’m sitting in my office now just reminiscing about the almost 35 years that I have been in the magic business; how I first fell in love with magic, getting started in the magic business, all the changes through the years, and how, at this point in my life, I’m actually where I dreamed of being all those years ago. I must have some of that smart man in me.

Every day as I enter the showroom I notice something different. Now, you have to understand that I’m the one who places all the product in the showroom, so I know exactly what is there and where it is. Nothing in the showroom is really “new” to me and yet every day there is an item (or items) that become “new” all over again. I get so excited about these great items so I thought I would share a couple of my “new” enthusiasms with you

Peter Loughran is developing a new line of limited edition miniature size illusions. His first introduction is the Micro Electronic Asrah & Crystal Casket Combo, vanishing and appearing production. The Micro Asrah is great for both performances and to add to your magic room.  Production of the Micro Asrah is limited to 20 pieces; each one is numbered and will include a Certificate of Authenticity. Take a look at the video and enjoy. Read more…


One of my very favorite illusions is from my private collection, The Geisha Illusion, made by Edmund Spreer, the Illusion builder to Fu-Manchu. You will not find this on the website! The Geisha Illusion was built for Paco Miller who used it from 1957-1973. The effect is that all five doors on all sides of the box are opened showing the inside of the empty box. All the doors are then closed and when opened again, a girl dressed as a Geisha appears. You need to look closely at the photos to see the intricate and beautiful details, all done by hand. (We blacked out the interior of the illusion on the pictures so as not to give away the secret of the Geisha!)


The Geisha Illusion front view




The Geisha Illusion front detail




The Geisha Illusion interior side




The Geisha Illusion interior




The Geisha Illusion interior inscription




The Geisha Illusion front and side angles



Lastly, I want to share one more item from my private collection, the Lester Lake Head Chopper (Guillotine) built by Loyd. This originally belonged to Nani and Mark Wilson, who have both signed this masterpiece for me. The Head Chopper traveled all over the world with Mark and Nani who have shared stories of its performance and adventures. Now it resides in my office. It is a thing of beauty!



Lester Lake Head Chopper built by Loyd



As I walk through this place every day, all in all it’s a pretty cool place to be and I need to make sure I take the time to enjoy it and everything that is in the showroom. I’ll try to share these treasures with you on a more frequent basis, there is always something “new “to feature.

 We’re getting ready for the weekend; Betty and I got a little spoiled with our recent vacations and now we’re back to the reality of a two day weekend and checking the business from home.  Here’s to you having a great weekend!

Until next time,




One Response to “A Smart Man”

  1. Greg Oznowich Says:

    Paul, I read your post every week and love it. Thank you. (And thanks to your team. Your other blogs and entire site are on my “go-to” list. Your site is easy to navigate, and readily updated. That’s all I need.)

    I collect magic…not at your level…but I feel your same passion. I’m at a point in my life where I have enough income to afford the magic I dreamed of as a youth, but with the aged-wisdom to appreciate it.

    And what magic it is…

    Keep up the excellent work my friend. Someday, I hope to see that dreamhouse-warehouse. Someday.

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