It’s a Boy!

Everyone here at Hocus Pocus joins me in wishing Natalie and Paul Romhany a GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of their son, Jon-Paul. Welcome to the parenthood club; you’re in for one hell of a great ride! (And we’re looking forward to the Magician of the Future!)


Jon-Paul Romhany



New – Items with FREE Shipping category

You’ll notice on the Hocus Pocus website that we have added a new product category to our selections: Items with FREE Shipping. We have combined all the FREE shipping items in one category for ease of shopping; some of the items have FREE shipping worldwide and some are FREE shipping in the USA only, but all are very clearly marked. We already have over 100 items in this new category and expect more to come! We are currently working on some other website enhancements, in fact, today the computer geeks will be at Hocus Pocus training us on our soon to be launched new home page. That’s right, a NEW home page! We will have announcements for more website enhancements in the very near future.

New News from Allakazam

I received a package this week from Nani and Mark Wilson containing a new product to be released in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Magic Land of Allakazam. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you that it is something no one has ever seen before…it is destined to be a collector’s item and a true treasure for any Allakazam fan. The release date for this top secret item is Saturday, October 1 when Mark and Nani will be having a private release party and anniversary celebration at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Watch our website for more details.

Nani and Mark Wilson 50th Anniversary Commemorative Program


 International Visitors

This week we were honored to have Millaray and Gerardo “Mago Oli” Parra  visit us here at Hocus Pocus. They just happened to be in the neighborhood, all the way from Chile, and we were happy to have them! Gerardo visits us annually and always spends a couple of days here. He comes with a very long list of items that he wants, but always leaves with more! It’s always fun to watch him as he goes through the showroom and warehouse; it’s like watching a kid in a candy store, but a kid with the professional’s eye. We love having visitors; if you’re ever in the neighborhood, please stop by for a visit.


Mago Oli and Millaray




Mago Oli riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus



Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Yesterday was the last day of summer and it went out with a bang at 102 degrees in Fresno. Today is “officially” the first day of fall and it looks like summer didn’t get the message because it is going to be hot again, 101 degrees is the forecast. Then, in just a few weeks, we will have the Trick or Treaters knocking at the door and we’ll be in full holiday mode for the rest of the year. Where has this year gone??

Until next time,



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