Something Old, Something New

On The Road Again

Today, we left on a road trip to hopefully acquire some new Private Estate items. Betty and I, along with Tim Mannix, headed out early this morning on our latest adventure/excursion. It’s always a great adventure when we’re on one of our road trips; we’re going to review a private collection and you never know what you’re going to find until you are actually there. Really, it could be everything or it could be nothing.

Harry Houdini Autographed Chinese Water Torture Cell Program

The anticipation of a possible massive discovery at the destination is almost overwhelming because the excitement is so great. It is like buying a lottery ticket; you have that entire length of time between purchasing the lottery ticket and when they actually announce the numbers to imagine what you are going to do with your winnings. Good thing for me, and the Hocus Pocus members, is that our odds of winning (that is finding a great Private Estate item) are much better than they are with the lottery.

Sometimes Private Estate items come our way from the most unexpected places. Just this week we received a Harry Houdini Autographed Chinese Water Torture Cell Program. One day I receive a phone call and the next day it’s on the Hocus Pocus Website. And, talk about timing, the 85th Anniversary of the death of Houdini is this Monday, Halloween Night.

 This is the perfect item for the Houdini collector.  It’s an original program from Houdini’s performance at the Orpheum Theater in St. Louis, January 1923. The program is autographed boldly in blue ink by Houdini right next to the printed description of his act and it includes the original ticket stub to this show! Read more




Trade-in Days are Here!

In addition to road trips looking for Private Estate items, this week we are having Trade-in Days. Now is your opportunity to trade-in your old magic for new magic. We are usually looking for mid-large size apparatus, antique and vintage items (no DVDs, small packet or pocket tricks).  I know there are some great items out there sitting in closets that someone else would love to have – trade them in now for store credit toward new magic items. You would be amazed at what we can gather during Trade-In Days.

P&L Blooming Rosebush

Take a look at this P&L Blooming Rosebush. It is a thing of beauty and it was a trade-in! This is believed to be one of the last of the 12 rosebushes ever manufactured by the legendary Petrie-Lewis Co. The attention to detail, especially on the hand painted metal leaves, is stunning. Without question, one of the nicest ones I’ve ever seen. And, again, it was a trade-in! Contact me at if you have something you would like to trade-in. Just give your name and phone number, what the item is and what condition it’s in, does it have instructions, etc.


Something New

Tonight we’re announcing a very exciting EXCLUSIVE.  It’s not only a great effect, but it is priced very attractively and we’re giving a FREE GIFT with every purchase. I can’t tell you what it is, but it will be front and center on the website. Stayed tuned.

Take a Bow, Harry  


I want to end this week’s Blog with one final nod to the genius of Harry Houdini who died on Halloween night 1926.

Where would we all be had it not been for Houdini’s elevation of the magic craft? Houdini  left an enduring legacy of not only magic illusion, but stage presence, promotion and general entertainment that lives to this day.  Bravo!

 Until next time,



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