It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas Is Coming
Last weekend, keeping with the annual tradition in the Gross household, we pulled out all the Christmas decorations and started decorating for the holidays. Actually, we started and finished the decorating. All the boys were there to help out, my sons Cole and Max, and my son-in-law, Jonathan. Even my grandson Zachary made an appearance!

This is a family affair and I am not exaggerating when I say this is a huge, massive undertaking, but it is also one that I love. It’s an all day project starting at 10am and finishing at 5pm. All the neighbors come by as we’re decorating the yard to see what is new and different for the year. I have to admit that our yard sets the tone for the neighborhood. The house is totally lit up and decorated with animatronics, blow-ups, lights and various and sundry other things.

Merry Christmas!

The unpacking begins



The "Gang" waving hello


Cole and Max reviewing their work

Paul supervising Cole and Jonathan


Getting everyone in their proper place

 Windy City…WHAT!?!

The winds hit California this week and what a MESS! Even Fresno, which usually has mild weather systems (cold or hot, but nothing else) was hit by the winds. Last weekend we decorated the yard for the holidays; yesterday it was all undone. Penguins without heads, Santas in the wrong location, Snowmen strewn across the yard; it was like a Christmas war zone. My son-in-law Jonathan came over last night to reassemble it all and anchor it to prevent anything from knocking it over again. All is right now.

 New Tenyo Releases

Every year about this time, Tenyo releases new product. We selected what I think are the best two items, Flying Carpet and Third Eye, which arrived in stock today.  All the pre-orders have already been filled and we do still have a limited quantity on hand for sale. Tim and I have had fun all morning long playing with the Flying Carpet! You need to get these now, because when they’re gone, they’re gone forever!


Tenyo Flying Carpet


Private Estate

Tim’s been putting up items from a recent estate acquisition and as fast as he can put them up, they are selling. Yesterday, we sold an Abbott’s Super X Levitation in two hours. Two hours! Some of these Estate items are just so rare and so special and hold many memories of past performers that we hate to see them go, but congratulations to the new owner. Enjoy! Be sure to check the Estate section of the website daily for all the newest acquisitions.

You Want It, We Have It

Black Friday sales hit with a vengeance and we have hired extra help to get us through these very busy times.. If they have spare time, we give them a job!

Now is the time to UPDATE YOUR WISH LIST. When your wives, girlfriends, friends and other family members call to buy you a gift we can access your Wish List and make sure you get what you really want. And don’t forget Gift Certificates if you don’t have a specific item right now or want to apply it as partial payment to a more expensive item. Our warehouse shelves are BULGING WITH STOCK to fill orders and most orders ship complete within 24 hours.

Don’t see what you want on the website? Give me a call…I can probably make your magic  wishes come true!

Until next time,




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