Every Day is Christmas at Hocus Pocus

 Santa Came Early

Last week I shared with you some photos of my house decorated for Christmas. You know I love Christmas and I LOVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! I think our house looks spectacular, but there is always room for more. Betty jokingly told me no more decorations, that we have enough and I had to agree that we don’t need any more decorations. Then I found the best Santa Claus at a local store, I wanted this Santa, but decided no, it’s enough so I didn’t get it.

A few days later I get a call from our son, Max, and he tells me that Santa was at his house and needed to come see me. “Okay”, I said. Next I hear a knock at the door and who is there, but “Santa”, Santa Max that is, bringing me a gift.  I open the gift and there is the Santa Claus I wanted!!! Now that is a good son!


Santa Max and the gift
Santa Max and Paul
Santa Max assembling Santa Claus



Shopping Just Got A Little Easier

Tim is already making his mark at Hocus Pocus. He just started this month and he already thinks he can change things and he can! New eyes are always a good thing. We added two new product categories to the website this week thanks to Tim, Livestock Magic and Production Magic. Livestock Magic is all about rabbits and doves and other animals. If you need a device to produce any kind of live animal in your show, this is THE PLACE to look. Production Magic includes any device for producing items or any production item such as flag staffs, feather bouquets, silks and banners. You get the idea; shopping just got a little easier.



Ten years ago, I retained the manufacturing and distribution rights for Virtuosity from Larry Becker. Then, the unthinkable happened, and the components necessary to make Virtuosity became unavailable. We have done some hard research and have successfully found the components. BUT, these components are available in VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. We are able to produce enough of Virtuosity for a re-introduction to the market this week and they will be in stock and shipping the end of next week.


Virtuosity by Larry Becker

Another Dream Come True

In 1969, when I was 14 years old, the UF Grant catalog advertised the Buddha Torture Tube. It was priced at $250 which was so far out of my financial reach that it was the same as catching a space ship to the moon.  Today, the space ship landed and the Buddha Torture Tube is in the Hocus Pocus Showroom being assembled by me and Tim. At this point in time I‘m trying to decide if I’m going to sell it or not…



I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays; whichever one you celebrate, please take care to celebrate it safely and joyfully.

Until next time,



One Response to “Every Day is Christmas at Hocus Pocus”

  1. Kaarlo von Freymann Says:

    Hello Paul,
    My very good friend Ted Orlando (Denmark/Germany) jus brought to my attention that you are re-issuing Larry Becker’s Violin trick.

    I perform magic and also peform as a ONE MAN BAND so it would seem this trick would suit in well into my show.

    – provided the violin looks real and has the correct size to seem real. If not, would it be possible to build the system into an old battared cheap violin even mising some strings that “I found on my grandfather’s attic just like the Ellusionist vintage cards”. I use unchipped in Svengali’s, X decks and the like plus chipped in both Fabric’e and Cesaral’s tricks as they are the only ones no one does ever suspect I could have several pack of!
    I think that is somthing magicians have overlooked: when you use normal cards, especially if you use cards of different brand the specs immediately suspect there must be a reason.

    – I presume the violin must be somehow wirelessly connected to an audio system, which is no problem as I have a perfect system anyway.
    Otherwise the sound would seem very thin and gimmicked after the audience has a moment before herd my violin from the YAMAHA Tyros 4 which is 100% realistic.

    Thanks for helping me.

    Kaarlo von Freymann
    Helsinki Finland

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