Happy New Year

It’s that time, that time when we reflect back on the past year and look forward to the coming year. When I reflect on the past year I just think how grateful and lucky I am to have my family, my health, and my happiness. Overall, I’m ending the year with a smile.

We’ve seen a lot of changes this year, some very visible and some not so apparent. On a personal note, the biggest changes for Betty and I were becoming grandparents (thank you Renee and Jonathan), we welcomed our grandson Zachary in February and the world will never be the same; we became “empty nesters” when Max moved out last summer; and we welcomed our other son, Cole back to Fresno from the Bay Area. We couldn’t be happier!

On the business side, this past year we saw the Hocus Pocus website home page get updated; we increased our Private Estate and Antique Magic product mix and business; our son Max started working at Hocus Pocus; and we finally convinced Tim Mannix to work at Hocus Pocus.

I want to give a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you, our Hocus Pocus friends, supporters and customers; because of you we have had the BEST YEAR in our history.

 We’re continuing to enhance the shopping and ordering experience at Hocus Pocus. Many of the product video trailers are now embedded and easily viewed on mobile phones, ipads and other devices; we’ve converted several thousand items to embedded videos and still have several thousand to go, but we will diligently work at completing this project! We’re just finishing up the testing phase on a new shipping calculation program (never in my wildest imagination did I think testing a computer program could take so long!) and it should go live this month.  The list of enhancements to our systems that we want to accomplish in the coming year is HUGE and we thank you for your patience as we accomplish them.

We try to make Hocus Pocus all about you and hope we have succeeded. We want to continue to Deliver the Magic in 2012, not only the latest greatest magic product, but the customer service, the ease of shopping and the personal contact and conversations with all of you.

Have a Happy New Year.

Until next time,



3 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. It was very nice to do business, but more importantly
    to make a new friend in magia. I thank you so very
    much for making me feel at home on Hocus-Pocus Magic.

    May our Creator continue to bless you, your staff,
    and your lovely familia!


  2. Greg Oznowich Says:

    Another awesome Hocus-Pocus year Paul. I love all the blogs and read them every week. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and get a new video of the showroom when you have a chance. It’s like a toy catalog for magicians.

  3. Paul,
    The reason so many people love Hocus-Pocus is because of the fantastic Customer Service everyone there gives us when we call. Plus your prices are always very competitive! Look forward to all the “MAGIC” you can provide us in 2012!” Happy New Year!

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