Every One Loves a Good Letter

The New Year is here! It’s a fresh start for everyone and everything and we all need to look forward, BUT I want one little indulgence before I move completely forward.

I received a letter from a customer, yes we get many letters (emails really) from customers, but every now and then one just makes you feel good. It makes up for the long hours and hard work and gives you a pat on the back, but, more importantly to me, this letter shows that OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE MAGIC just as much as we do.

This is my indulgence today because it made everyone here at Hocus Pocus smile and feel good about their magic obsession and I think all LOVERS of MAGIC will relate to the sentiments conveyed in this letter.


Hey Paul!

I thought I’d a take a moment this Christmas morning to thank you for making my Christmas a very magical one indeed.

Many moons ago (somewhere around late May or early June) I made my very first purchase from Hocus Pocus. It was the complete set of Bruce Cervon’s Castle Notebooks from the Robinson estate. When the package arrived, I jokingly told the delivery person that they had just brought me my Christmas present. How little did I know…

Later that evening as I sat down to open the box, I was interrupted by a phone call that would take me away for the evening. By the time I returned I was too tired to think about magic, so I left it as a pleasurable task for the next night. But that next day saw even more work which took me away from my magic and once again the box went unopened. And the day after that I received a long-awaited offer of a new job – which now meant moving in less than two months.


Rather than risk any damage to these treasured tomes in my move, I figured I’d just leave them all nice and securely packaged as they seemed to be, transport them in my vehicle (along with a few other pieces I would never entrust to a moving company) and then open them as a magical housewarming gift once I got settled.  (There were no signs of any mishandling or damage in shipping or I would have taken pictures and then opened the box immediately.)

By the time I got around to seriously working on my den it was already mid-October (my new job started two days after the moving truck unloaded all of my stuff in late August.) So mustering all the magical willpower I could, I made the decision: the Castle Notebooks were indeed going to be my Christmas present to myself. I would not open the box until Christmas day.


Well here we are. I’m happy to say I made it to Christmas morning with the box looking exactly like it did the day it arrived in June. So about an hour and a half ago I finally gave myself this very belated but right on-time Hocus Pocus Christmas present I had promised myself. All I can say is that it was very much worth the (self-imposed) wait. The books are absolutely pristine and you did an outstanding job of packaging them so they would be well protected during shipment (and even my subsequent move.)

After spending about an hour skimming through the books – all the while still not believing I actually had a complete, number-matched set of them in my possession – I thought I would tear myself away for a few minutes and relay this little tale of how Hocus Pocus Magic made my Christmas a little extra special.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to acquiring more magic through Hocus Pocus in the days and years ahead.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Now My Letter to You

Thanks to ALL of YOU, our Hocus Pocus family, for LOVING MAGIC; because of you I get to do what I love and I get to share that with people, like you, who love the same thing.

I was just talking about all the new introductions that have arrived today (and actually the last couple of days) and it sparked my enthusiasm for magic, once again, and I wanted to share that excitement with you, through the letter above, and because we MAGICIANS are a SPECIAL GROUP with a unique interest. No one else understands! How lucky we are to share this common interest!

And One More Thing

I found this great movie clip from 1942. It features Veronica Lake in the movie Now You See It Now You Don’t performing a great version of Billiard Balls and other classic magic effects. I thought you’d like to see it. Enjoy!


Until next time,



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