Fun and Film for Friday the 13th

We’re Ready For Our Close-Ups

It’s Friday the 13th and we have been at the shop since 4 a.m.  One of our local TV stations, KMPH26, and anchor Clayton Clark, filmed live from the Hocus Pocus Showroom starting at 5 a.m.  

Hocus Pocus has a full house of magicians and we were entertained for hours as they all performed for the television cameras this morning.

Our Cast of Characters:

Greg Wilson (who arrived at 3:30 a.m. from L.A.) performed Billiard Balls and The Alakazam Egg and a little magic jazz…

Tim Mannix (from L.A., but soon to be local) performed Devil’s Pitcher, Fish in a Bottle, produced a rabbit from a pan and more

Wacko (who also came in from Los Angeles) thoroughly entertained us with The Wacko Show and together with Tanika Twigg performed Fire Cage

Tanika Twigg who is from the local Fresno/Hanford area wore a sample of her face painting and entertained us with balloon art as well as working with Wacko

Nate Delahay, also from Fresno, and a member of the Fresno Magic Club, performed close-up card magic

We were also honored with the presence of Norm Lambert, President of the Fresno Magic Club (phone 559-255-7637 for more information), who gave his stamp of approval to all the performers.


Standing: Nate Delahay, Greg Wilson, Norm Lambert, Tim Mannix, Paul, Clayton Clark; kneeling: Wacko and Tanika Twigg

I’m sorry you couldn’t all see the performances (on and off the camera) because it was truly entertaining having all these professional entertainers here. So for this week’s blog, I’m going to share some of the photos from this morning and as soon as the videos are uploaded we’ll add them, too!.


KMPH 26 crew

Tanika and Wacko at Hocus Pocus

Tim Mannix producing a Rabbit at Hocus Pocus



Wacko, Tanika and the Fire Cage at Hocus Pocus


Paul with Greg Wilson and Clayton from KMPH26


Nate Delahay and Clayton at Hocus Pocus


Tanika Twigg and Tim Mannix just before performing Devil's Pitcher


Reviewing The Devil's Pitcher at Hocus Pocus





Rich Marotta Lecture This Monday!

I’m so pleased to be hosting a lecture featuring Rich Marotta. Rich is one of those great peformers that has it all…comedy, magic and just great entertainment. If you’re in the area, you need to be at this lecture.

Date: Monday, January 16, 2012 Time: 7pm $20.00 advance purchase $25.00 at the door

Rich Marotta

Rich Marotta is a stand up comedian and one of the best magicians working today. He headlines all the major comedy clubs in America and has appeared on countless television shows. Rich has also published books and authored DVDs that set the standard for performing magic. He seamlessly combines great magical effects to create an unforgettably exciting show.

What makes the Rich Marotta Lecture unique is that he is not a professional lecturer, he is a professional entertainer, and everything he demonstrates in his lecture he performs for paying customers. The lecture will feature Close up, Stand up and Stage effects.  There will be many things in the lecture that you will be able to use but even the ones you don’t use are worth knowing because Rich explains why he presents the effect the way he does and analyzes each effect from the standpoint of the spectator. Definitely an evening NOT TO BE MISSED.

Until next time,



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