What A Week

Appearing Sword Blades

This is the best story…Thursday morning I received an email from one our customers asking me for a replacement blade for Dante’s Sword Thru Neck.  Now, we don’t usually have extra blades on hand and they are very difficult to get so I didn’t have much hope of filling this request. NOT TWO HOURS LATER, I pick up the ringing phone and the caller says, “Paul, this is Domenico Dante. I’m in town and want to stop by to see you.” Yes, this is a true story; Domenico Dante just happens to be in America for a week and wants to drop in for a visit two hours after I get this request for Dante’s blades. But, it gets better. Domenico walks in the door of the Hocus Pocus Showroom and says, “I have three blades with me; do you want them”.  You could have knocked me over with a feather! How could this possibly happen; the man lives in Italy, I get a request for replacement blades, and two hours later he appears (as if by magic) at the door with replacement blades. I gave him a tour of the showroom and we had a great visit yesterday; it’s been about ten years since he last visited so we had a lot of catching up to do. Domenico is now the International Vice-President of FISM so it was great hearing all about the upcoming convention. I also got a preview of a new Appearing Tie effect he’s going to be releasing soon. He was back in the showroom again this morning before continuing on his travels. I love this business!


Paul Gross and Domenico Dante at Hocus Pocus



In and Out

I always talk about what I have done during the week, but this week I want to give a shout out to Jan and Karen in the shipping and receiving department. Jan and Karen had huge shipments arriving every day this week. And, every day this week they got every shipment processed, customer orders filled and shipped out the same day! Hats off to Jan and Karen!

Karen and Jan in the Hocus Pocus warehouse

Fresno Magic Club

This week Hocus Pocus hosted the Fresno Magic Club’s monthly meeting. Now that Tim is living in Fresno he is fast becoming a part of the local magic scene and is one of the newest members of the Fresno Magic Club. As such, he decided to invite the Club to meet at Hocus Pocus. Welcome!

Fresno Magic Club member, Nate Delahay, mentoring the youngest members

Paul’s Pick

We just released David Regal’s Mind Ball today. This effect so great, this is one of the funniest effects I’ve seen and it will appeal to all audiences. Dave gave us a special incentive to offer our customers; with every purchase you get Off With His Head as a free gift. Take a look at this video…


Have a great weekend.

Until next time,



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