Marking The Big Day!

Happy Birthday

One year ago today our lives changed forever. On February 24, 2011, our grandson Zachary was born to our daughter Renee and son-in-law Jonathan. This has been the most amazing year and I can’t wait to see what the future brings with Zachary (and hopefully more grandchildren) because I love being a grandpa! Betty and I are hosting Zachary’s FIRST birthday party at our house this weekend so I am already at home today working in my yard and gardens (it is 70 degrees today!) to make them perfect for the party. Below are just a few pictures of Zachary that I would like to share with you to mark this most MOMENTOUS OCCASION…Happy Birthday, Zachary!


Zachary on Valentine's Day 2012


Zachary with his favorite toy

Zachary with his Ernie hat

Cozy Cottage with Lots of Charm

You’ve heard this line in real estate ads, along with, “it’s a fixer-upper and priced to move”. We were having discussions like this all week. Tim, who is the “new eyes” in the Showroom, asked me why I didn’t have an Abbott’s Dollhouse on the website. He has seen it in the Showroom for a long time and wanted an explanation. I said it was a little too beat up to be on the website. Tim’s response was, “look, magicians like me have seen these things in Abbott’s catalogs all our lives and have dreamed of owning one. Sure, it’s a little beat up, but someone would love to own this and fix it up”. After much discussion and back and forth, we finally decided to put it on the website with the most close-up, revealing pictures we’ve ever used (in the interest of full-disclosure). It’s fully functional and structurally intact, it just needs a little cosmetic help; you know, a fixer-upper. Take a look…


Getting Ready For Their Close-Ups

You have to love a workplace that makes you laugh and smile on a regular basis. The scene below was just too funny not to share; the figures are on their way to the photo studio. They’ll be making their debut on the website next week…


Have a great weekend.

Until next time,




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