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Hocus Pocus Magic Classes!

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Magic Classes Announced

Just this morning, we announced Hocus Pocus Magic Classes on a local television station. KSEE24 was in the Hocus Pocus Showroom today doing a live remote for their morning show. In addition to showing some great magic effects, we also took the opportunity to announce our new magic classes for beginning magicians. The first classes start on April 28 for beginners, ages 7-12, and will be held at Hocus Pocus headquarters in Fresno. Tim Mannix will be the instructor for the classes which will feature hands-on training, performance coaching, and the development of social skills.  Introductory Magic Class features simple-to-learn, easy-to-master, age-appropriate tricks with everyday objects as well as pre-packaged tricks.  To sign up for magic classes call Tim at Hocus Pocus at 559-266-5150 or 800-407-4040.

Esteemed Colleagues and Friends

You know that we always get excited about visitors to Hocus Pocus and this week we had two at the same time. First, Mumdo, the Illusionist from Saudi Arabia arrived yesterday.  It was just so nice to meet one our long time customers face-to-face.  He spent the full day with us and it is always a thrill to “talk shop”, show and demonstrate illusions and walk through the vintage and collectible items in our Private Estate area with a working professional magician and collector. It’s a refreshing perspective. Thank you, Mumdo, for coming to visit us at Hocus Pocus, it was a pleasure.

Paul and Mumdo in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

cBy the end of the day, Mumdo had worn me down and he had convinced me to part with something I was never going to sell, a Doug Henning jumpsuit; it wasn’t on the website (as a lot of collectibles aren’t), it wasn’t offered for sale, and yet he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He also went home with some other rare collectibles and now I have empty spaces to fill in the showroom…

We were joined by Frank Thurston who was at Hocus Pocus to drop off a very nice, mint condition Chalet mini Cub-Zag (to fill the empty spaces left by Mumdo). Frank and Mumdo both joined us for lunch and we had a great time. We even convinced Frank, who is a magician (of course!) AND is a descendant of the late, great Howard Thurston, to pose for a picture with the Original Thurston Floating Ball that we have in the Private Estate collection. Thank you for being such a great sport, Frank! And it was great seeing you again!

Frank Thurston with the Original Thurston Floating Ball

Frank Thurston and Mumdo in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

Keith Fields Lecture April 9

Keith Fields  is almost here! The lecture will held Monday, April 9 at 7 pm at Hocus Pocus headquarters in Fresno. Keith is a hysterically funny comedic magician. During the lecture Keith demonstrates and explains elements from his award winning street show, the material that won him the accolade of International street entertainer of the year; his close up and strolling material, with which he was made the Magic Circle Close-up champion; and some of the amazing magic he has invented. Tickets are $20 for advance purchase and $25 at the door; read more about Keith’s Lecture and get your tickets by clicking HERE.


Keith Fields Lecture April 9 at Hocus Pocus

Have a great weekend.

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It’s Baaack!

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It’s Baaack!

After a much too long wait, I am ecstatic to announce that Slomotion is back!

There is no doubt about it; Slomotion was the biggest selling item in 2011 and then, the production completely sold out and it became unavailable. Not a day has gone by when we haven’t received numerous requests for this item. We’ve been working very closely with the manufacturer and finally this week, we got the notice that Slomotion was on the way. We will start shipping Monday and expect multiple deliveries of Slomotion throughout the week.

Last fall we took Slomotion to Magic Live and it was absolutely the hit of the Hocus Pocus booth and probably the convention. The local Las Vegas television station even filmed us demonstrating Slomotion for one of their news reports.  It created quite a stir and we were getting multiple phone calls and sales every day and then we sold out! It killed me to tell people every day that I didn’t have it to ship and couldn’t give them a delivery date; so we started taking email addresses so we could notify people when it became available. This week I was finally able to send that email. If you don’t remember exactly what Slomotion is then you should take a look at this video and read more…


Another Historical Piece of Magic

Earlier in the week we had a surprise visit by friends from the Bay Area. Not only was it great to see them, but they arrived with a truck packed to the brim with a massive collection of items for the Private Estate area. You’ve seen these items appearing all week on the website and they’re disappearing just as fast.

Most of the items we receive for Private Estate are very special, hard to find or rare; but some of them are truly of historical significance. They are a piece of our magic heritage and should be treasured as such.

Last week we received the Original Thurston Ball and Memorabilia Package and this week we received another one of these historically significant treasures, George Grimmond’s Vanishing Biscuit Tin.  An amazing piece of magic apparatus which was owned originally by British music hall performer George Grimmond (who was known for his performance of the bullet catch) and later sold to Paul Daniels (who performed it on one of his TV shows in 1992). It comes with a signed letter from noted TV producer and collector John Fisher who obtained the apparatus from Paul Daniels; the original letter of authenticity from Paul Daniels confirming the history of the prop and that he performed it on his British TV Show; and a signed photo of George Grimmond actually performing the effect on stage!  And, if that wasn’t enough, this item is in perfect working order and the effect is still very viable today. Read more…


Paul inspecting the George Grimmond Vanishing Biscuit Tin at Hocus Pocus

George Grimmond performing the Vanishing Biscuit Tin

More To Come

Today, I am waiting for some collectors to arrive from Southern California with a truckload of magic props and illusions. Do I know what’s included in this delivery? I know some, but not all and I’m not tipping my hand early. You’ll have to check the Private Estate category on the website to see these new arrivals!

Have a great weekend.

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Abbotts, Thurston and Regal

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Another Story

Yes, another story about my childhood love of all things magic, Buma and The House of Magic in San Francisco. Whenever I was lucky enough to visit the House of Magic I would stand there and stare at this same effect, an Early Abbott’s Mammoth Clock Production. Buma had it displayed in the center of the store in a place of great prominence and importance because it was so special. It was a fantastic item and I longed to own it. I would tell my Dad how much I wanted this Clock Production and he would always say, “Don’t get something old, you always want to buy new when you can.” You know how the rest of this story goes…shoulda, woulda, coulda…

This week I was thrilled when this Early Abbott’s Mammoth Clock Production arrived at Hocus Pocus. It is beautiful; it’s probably from the late 1940s – early 1950s and we had a great time with it this week. I’m sure it will be gone soon, but I’m loving it while it is here; and, just like at the House of Magic, it is displayed in a position of great importance and prominence in the Hocus Pocus showroom.


Abbott's Mammoth Clock Production - probably late 1940s to early 1950s




We had more excitement this week when we had a collector bring in a Thurston Memorabilia Package. The package includes Thurston’s Throw Out Cards; an original Floating Ball, complete with authentication, from his stage show; and various promotional materials and ephemera. It also includes some Tampa The Magician Fortune Telling System and memorabilia. It’s not on the website, yet, so this is a little preview for you…

Tim and Paul with Thurston Memorabilia at Hocus Pocus

Regal Workshop Coming

I am so happy and honored to announce that David Regal is going to give a Workshop at Hocus Pocus. This is going to be a four hour, hands on, intensive teaching workshop. The Regal Workshop is being held on Saturday, June 2. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED! We just finalized this and more details will be forthcoming so stay tuned.

Have a great weekend.

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Remember last year about this time I was talking about Slomotion? The Lifesaver that spun around a straw was a phenomenal effect. I was so excited about it and we and our members just couldn’t get enough of it. We sold over 1000 pieces before it went out of production and we could probably sell 1000s more if it was still in production.

BUT, just this week we got an item that is so unbelievably great! I think I’m even more excited about The Vanishing by Shin Lim than I was about Slomotion. And this is why…I could not for the life of me figure out how Shin Lim was doing it. So when it was offered to Hocus Pocus as an exclusive, I wanted a thorough demonstration of how The Vanishing was done…in this day and age of edited videos, I didn’t want to take any chances. And, I’m happy to say I was thrilled after watching the tutorial that WHAT YOU SEE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET…NO SMOKE and MIRRORS…this is the REAL DEAL! After our initial announcement yesterday, we can see by your response that you agree.

Treat yourself to the video and then you can read more about The Vanishing by clicking HERE.



Each week we seem to have more and more out of town visitors. We’ve seen touring magicians; hobbyists on business trips; people who have re-located to the area from other parts of the country; friends from Los Angeles and the Bay Area. This is always a treat for us, there is nothing like seeing things through new eyes to gain further appreciation of your surroundings. If you’re ever in the area, please stop by!


Keith Fields Lecture, April 9 at Hocus Pocus

This week we were so proud and honored to announce a lecture featuring Keith Fields. The lecture will held Monday, April 9 at 7 pm at Hocus Pocus headquarters in Fresno. Keith is a hysterically funny comedic magician. During the lecture Keith demonstrates and explains elements from his award winning street show, the material that won him the accolade of International street entertainer of the year; his close up and strolling material, with which he was made the Magic Circle Close-up champion; and some of the amazing magic he has invented. Read more about Keith’s Lecture and get your tickets by clicking HERE. Take a look at the video for Keith Field’s Human Xylophoneand just laugh…



Every day I get phone calls that go something like this, “I saw this item appear on your website yesterday and when I went to buy it today, I couldn’t find it.” My answer to this is usually that it sold out overnight. When we have Private Estate items, it is a very rare occasion that we receive more than one of each item. When you see that item, and you want it, you need to buy it right then.

The same goes for highly coveted items like Harry Anderson’s Tipping The Hat 2011 Lecture Notes and DVD; we purchased all the stock available, received 120 pieces last week and we have less than a dozen left today. These types of items always go fast, so don’t delay because they are going, going, gone!


In our ongoing efforts to enhance the shopping experience on the Hocus Pocus website, we have added some new categories. Silks, Silk Effects, Production Magic and Flower Magic are just a few of the new categories we’ve added recently. Our goal is to make navigating the Hocus Pocus website easier and this is one step toward that end. Check out all the new product categories by clicking HERE. Oh, so much more to do, but we’re making progress!


This Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year because we set our clocks forward one hour and start Daylight Savings Time. An extra hour of daylight after work is a wonderful thing; I enjoy it thoroughly and hope you do, too!

Have a great weekend!

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Leapin’ Lizards. Oops, I mean Magic!

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New Residents

We have two new residents out in the warehouse. We made such a big deal of Tim moving here and neglected to mention two others

Max Factor posing

that he brought with him. Tim’s rabbits, Max Factor and Jack Rabbit, took up residence in the warehouse when Tim relocated to Fresno.

Jack Rabbit is a little shy

They have now been featured in several images on the Hocus Pocus website (they’re very photogenic) and have been adopted by everyone here.


“When magicians dream, this is what it looks like.” –  visiting magician from Seattle when he walked through the Hocus Pocus Showroom earlier this week. We welcome all of our members to come visit the Hocus Pocus showroom when they’re in the area; we love sharing our dream with you.


Hocus Pocus Showroom 03-02-12



Hocus Pocus Showroom small view



We ran a Leap Year promotion earlier this week and in the headline we said, “It only happens once every four years.”  The shipping department is SO glad to hear those words. We’ve been buried for two days trying to get all the orders shipped out and it looks like it might even last through Monday! Thank you everyone for your patience as we work through this mountain of magic, the amount of orders we received is unprecedented and overwhelming. Most of all, thank you for your continued support of Hocus Pocus!


Hocus Pocus processing orders from the Leap Year sale


Everyone is working in the shipping department today (including me) so I’m keeping the blog short so I can get back out there and help.

Have a great weekend.

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