Hocus Pocus Magic Classes!

Magic Classes Announced

Just this morning, we announced Hocus Pocus Magic Classes on a local television station. KSEE24 was in the Hocus Pocus Showroom today doing a live remote for their morning show. In addition to showing some great magic effects, we also took the opportunity to announce our new magic classes for beginning magicians. The first classes start on April 28 for beginners, ages 7-12, and will be held at Hocus Pocus headquarters in Fresno. Tim Mannix will be the instructor for the classes which will feature hands-on training, performance coaching, and the development of social skills.  Introductory Magic Class features simple-to-learn, easy-to-master, age-appropriate tricks with everyday objects as well as pre-packaged tricks.  To sign up for magic classes call Tim at Hocus Pocus at 559-266-5150 or 800-407-4040.

Esteemed Colleagues and Friends

You know that we always get excited about visitors to Hocus Pocus and this week we had two at the same time. First, Mumdo, the Illusionist from Saudi Arabia arrived yesterday.  It was just so nice to meet one our long time customers face-to-face.  He spent the full day with us and it is always a thrill to “talk shop”, show and demonstrate illusions and walk through the vintage and collectible items in our Private Estate area with a working professional magician and collector. It’s a refreshing perspective. Thank you, Mumdo, for coming to visit us at Hocus Pocus, it was a pleasure.

Paul and Mumdo in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

cBy the end of the day, Mumdo had worn me down and he had convinced me to part with something I was never going to sell, a Doug Henning jumpsuit; it wasn’t on the website (as a lot of collectibles aren’t), it wasn’t offered for sale, and yet he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He also went home with some other rare collectibles and now I have empty spaces to fill in the showroom…

We were joined by Frank Thurston who was at Hocus Pocus to drop off a very nice, mint condition Chalet mini Cub-Zag (to fill the empty spaces left by Mumdo). Frank and Mumdo both joined us for lunch and we had a great time. We even convinced Frank, who is a magician (of course!) AND is a descendant of the late, great Howard Thurston, to pose for a picture with the Original Thurston Floating Ball that we have in the Private Estate collection. Thank you for being such a great sport, Frank! And it was great seeing you again!

Frank Thurston with the Original Thurston Floating Ball

Frank Thurston and Mumdo in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

Keith Fields Lecture April 9

Keith Fields  is almost here! The lecture will held Monday, April 9 at 7 pm at Hocus Pocus headquarters in Fresno. Keith is a hysterically funny comedic magician. During the lecture Keith demonstrates and explains elements from his award winning street show, the material that won him the accolade of International street entertainer of the year; his close up and strolling material, with which he was made the Magic Circle Close-up champion; and some of the amazing magic he has invented. Tickets are $20 for advance purchase and $25 at the door; read more about Keith’s Lecture and get your tickets by clicking HERE.


Keith Fields Lecture April 9 at Hocus Pocus

Have a great weekend.

Until next time,





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