Cannons and Robots?

I’m sitting in my office a couple of days ago, perusing all the latest news in the world of magic, when Betty comes in and asks me if I’m expecting any large shipments.  She then explains that there is a very large freight truck out front with a delivery and the driver is asking if we have a fork lift. A fork lift? While we do receive large stage illusions on a regular basis, none of them require a fork lift. Luckily, our neighbor does have a fork lift so I sent Tim next door to see if we could convince them into helping us out. Being the good neighbors they are, they quickly agreed. So they drove it over and unloaded the exceptionally LARGE pallet from the freight truck. Betty then asks if I was expecting this shipment and what is it? To which I replied, “of course, I was expecting it and it’s a cannon and a six foot robot.” Yes, it’s surprising, but true.

The cannon originally belonged to Magician Melinda Saxe of Las Vegas (as seen in image below) and used in her stage act. It was then repainted by Disney Studios to look like a Civil War cannon and used in her Disney TV Special. It has been stored for awhile in a Las Vegas warehouse until we were able to magically procure it; it now resides in the Hocus Pocus warehouse.


Melinda and the cannon as originally painted

Paul Gross shooting Tim Mannix out of the cannon at Hocus Pocus

Now about the robot…the robot was a bonus in this deal; it’s one-of-a-kind and completely made of fiberglass. When I was a kid I used to watch Lost In Space on television and I always wanted my own robot. This robot is designed to hide a person inside to operate the hands, flashing lights, gears and dispense predictions. Did I mention that the head turns from side-to-side? It’s pretty perfect…


Paul and his new robot in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

Magicians in the House!

I was very happy to welcome Andy Amyx, Michael Rappa and Trevor Wyatt to Hocus Pocus today.  It’s always a pleasure to welcome magicians to Hocus Pocus, but to have three at one time was almost sensory overload! The enthusiasm, ideas and creative and back-and-forth conversation made my day! Thanks for visiting!

Tim Mannix, Andy Amyx, Michael Rappa, Trevor Wyatt and Paul Gross in the Hocus Pocus Showroom

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,



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