On the Road

Magic Castle Swap Meet

This morning we’re on the road to Hollywood for the Magic Castle Swap Meet and you know what this means…great hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind effects will be appearing on the website next week! In addition to buying, Hocus Pocus will also be selling. We have about 20 very large cartons of product we’re hauling to the Swap Meet. Once again, we will have our world-renowned, ridiculously low priced $1-$5-$10 item boxes – seriously, last time we had a $100 item that we sold for $5. We were mobbed when we put these boxes out at the last Swap Meet; so if you’re there don’t delay coming to our tables because the best always goes first.

Betty and her sister, Susan, will be operating the sale tables (sorry, Betty and Susan) while Tim and I will be out shopping everyone else’s tables and trying to find those elusive items that we know you want. You never know what you’re going to find at the Swap Meet, and that is half the fun of being there. I love scouring the tables and discovering the surprises, and believe me, there are always good finds and lots of surprises. If you’re in the Hollywood area you should spend Saturday at the Magic Castle Swap Meet, you will love it and touring the newly remodeled Castle is not so bad, either.

Sorting the Hocus Pocus $1-5-10 boxes for the Magic Castle Swap Meet


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Mark Wilson! Mark celebrated his 83rd birthday this week. We’re celebrating with Mark and Nani Wilson tonight with dinner at the Magic Castle. Joining Betty and I for this great occasion will be Susan, Tim Mannix, Greg Wilson and his wife. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to celebrate Mark’s birthday with him; Mark is my mentor, teacher and friend and I cherish our time spent together. Not only are we celebrating Mark’s birthday this week, but we are celebrating a very special lady’s day coming up next week, Nani Darnell Wilson’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Nani, my magical Mom! I can’t wait to see you both tonight!

Mark & Nani Wilson 50th Anniversary of Allkazam

Keith Fields

Keith Fields was in the house Monday night and gave what I think is one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen. This guy is a performer! He was thrilling and funny and gave a great presentation. The lecture was full of great ideas and practical things that everyone can use in their act. Keith also spoke on and talked about magic theory and misdirection. Everyone is the audience hung on his every word! Keith arrived at Hocus Pocus earlier in the day and hung out with us; he even spent time going through the items we pulled for the Magic Castle Swap Meet. He was back again on Tuesday before he headed up to Northern California. I you ever have the chance to see Keith Fields perform – do not miss it! Truly one of the best I’ve seen.

Keith Fields performing The Human Xylophone at Hocus Pocus

Keith Fields Lecture at Hocus Pocus

Keith Fields riding the Kangaroo at Hocus Pocus


Hope to see you at the Swap Meet!

Until next time,



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